VATERRA K-5 Blazer Ascender Truck Review – Is This The One??


Looking for the latest Ready-To-Run (RTR) radio controlled truck? If you are looking for one to add to your collection or maybe to use as a gift or just as your buddy when things really get boring, you are in the right place. This article will try to help you by doing an extensive and factual VATERRA K-5 Blazer Ascender review so that you can see if this is really worth your money.

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vaterra blazer ascender

Let’s take a closer of one of the Vaterra cars, the VATERRA K-5 Blazer Ascender 4WD RTR Truck and check what makes this latest addition of Vaterra awesome.

First of all, this ready-to-run (RTR), 4 wheel Drive, off-road designed truck. This company it trying to offer through this truck, everything one should need to enjoy this buddy. It comes with the latest innovations with some options that can give you an easy time navigating this toy. You can say that the specs of this truck are more than enough to be part of the stiff competition of radio controlled vehicles.

This latest innovation of Vaterra should be more than good enough to be part of your collection or to make your kids elated with excitement. This can also be your buddy during lonelier times or if you feel like bragging for that matter!

The specs that made this RTR buddy exciting and shortlisted:

VATERRA Chevrolet K5 Blazer Ascender 1986
  • For kids 14 years old and older
  • 4WD
  • Electric/shaft
  • Waterproof
  • 1/10 Scale
  • Length:21.25”/width: 9”/height: 9.5
  • With slipper clutch
  • Driveshafts: CV plastic
  • Shocks: oil-filled
  • Hardware: Metric hex
  • With bearings
  • Tires: Vaterra TSL Super Swampers

What you need to buy separately:

  • Battery
  • Battery charger

Features of Vaterra K-5 Blazer Ascender

vaterra blazer ascender truck
  • Turning is simply awesome and this is what most of the consumers admire most about this toy. This would be really great when you are competing as having the need to back up just to make a turn will already demerit you.
  • If you will use the motor and the ESC, jumping will not be a problem as well. You can easily maneuver the truck off the ground with the aid of stairs and maybe, a few ledges. The truck is just fine even when you will have it jumped multiple times off a 4-foot high ledge, big thanks to the aluminum links and chassis mounted bumpers as they certainly keep the truck together.
  • Bumps and whoops cannot cause that much impact to the truck because of the oil-filled shocks as well as the 4 link in the rear. Nevertheless, they can still make the suspension to flex crazily on the trail.
  • You might assume that because of the amount of steering the truck is equipped with, it would traction roll every time the driver will make a turn on pavement. However, that is not what will happen. The super low center of gravity would simply not allow it. No matter how you will try to make the Vaterra K5 Blazer Ascender go over, you can hardly get the desired result. Maybe if you will use a faster motor or install a Lipo Battery, you might get what you want.
  • If there are radio operated trucks that find grass an obstacle, not this super capable RTR truck. Unless it is tall grass, then there might be a chance for it to be stopped or slowed down.
  • The transmission that this truck is equipped of assumes the 2-speed gears coming from the Twin Hammers. This can turn into a 2 speed/high low trans. For a scaler, this can be ideal. This will let you have loads of torque.
  • The truck is equipped with a Spectrum DX3. This will keep the tires from turning and at the same time, enables us to have some adjustment options when it comes to setting the drag break and also the steering fit the truck.
  • Though this truck is quite impressive but is has its own share of weak points. Some of the parts that are easily broken are ring and pinion in the axles, both in the rear and front areas, and the driveshafts are kind of weak as well.

Pros and Cons


  • Durable
  • Reasonable Price
  • Classic Car Body
  • Waterproof electronic


  • Miss Battery and Charger. You need buy separately 

What others are saying about this buddy

From reviewing people opinions, this car​ is a monster truck and very well built. The car is very durable. some people said that it come with a reasonable price and contains feature that you can not miss. One guy said that this car has exceeded his expectation and it's fantastic. 


Possible answers to your possible questions:

Q: Can this be used with a 2S lipo battery?

A: You can certainly use a 2S lipo battery

Q: Can you install a plow in this product?

A: Yes, you certainly can as it is part of the fun, customizing the product

Q: Is the truck waterproof?

A: It is water-resistant. You can’t find one that is waterproof though

Q: Is it furnished with a remote control?

A: It certainly is since this is RTR. It also comes with a transmitter

Q: There is no battery in the truck

A: That is right as you need to separately buy the charger and the battery

Q: Which is best to use for this truck, 2C or 3C battery?

A: The 3C of course as it has more running time

Q: Can you apply paint to the truck with different colors?

A: As you can see, the truck is already painted red. However, if you are planning to have it repainted with other colors, that is entirely up to you but the result might not be good or it will depend on the quality of the paint. Just make that it can completely cover the original paint, though.

Buying your first RC vehicle? These tips below might come in handy

  • The company behind the merchandise will matter a lot. Though you surely want to choose one that is already established, checking out new investors of this industry might also do you good.
  • You should choose the type of RC vehicle you will buy. Some of your options are: street cars which are known to be the fastest and the best on paved roads, the drift cars which are also for on-road but they come with slick tires, buggy which can be used both on-road and off-road, Truggy which is more like the buggy type and of course the trucks which are really awesome for off-road but really slow on-road.
  • Choose whether you will have the nitro or the electric RC vehicles. You should learn about each of these types online. Just know though that if you are looking for a cheaper, you can go with the electric.
  • Brushed or brushless? This is another decision you have to take. RC vehicles with brushed motor might be cheaper but quite inefficient and lack power. As for the brushless motor, they are expected to last longer and more powerful at that.


So, after checking the VATERRA K-5 Blazer Ascender review, what do you think? Do you think that this truck is worth your hear earned money? Do you think that this should be included among your array of RC vehicle collection? Seeing the reviews from the consumers, though, it is quite obvious that this buddy is really making a big hit!

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