Traxxas X-Maxx review: all what you need to know about


Traxxas is a company name all RC lovers have come to know very well. Their range of products highlight the company mission which is to deliver quality made RC vehicles and entertainment for hours on end. The Traxxas X-Maxx is one of their truck products that everyone knows, as it is one of the best available on the market.

If you’re a prospective buyer, figuring out which RC truck is right for you is imperative. This Traxxas X-Maxx review will showcase some of the positives and negatives with the car.

Review date

21st of December 2016


Engineered With Industrial Power

There are so many various RC trucks and cars that have revolutionary technology underneath the lid, but few actually live up to the hype. The X-Maxx by Traxxas lives up to the hype that this wonderful remote controlled vehicle receives and more. This RC car has a 4 by 4 power drivetrain, a large mammoth size, and durability that rivals the toughest RCs available.

Traxxas X-maxx Rc car in the Sand

The X-Maxx is developed with some of the strongest power available today, and packs a powerful punch that you wouldn’t expect.

Traxxas is renowned in the remote controlled vehicle industry for providing some of the fastest products, and they certainly pulled no punches when they decided to continue that legacy with this large RC truck.

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With a 22 Volt Dual LiPo Muscle and a 1600XL Velineon Big Block motor, this RC truck propels itself forward with ease.

Size Is King

One of the big problems within the remote controlled industry is size. Companies experiment with different sizes to achieve different things. Some companies go for the overall style, others go for intimidation, etc.

The problem with going big in the RC industry is that sometimes going too big can sacrifice power or handling, something that RC owners simply won’t compromise on.

Custom Traxxas X-maxx

Traxxas takes this notion and spins it on its head with this beast of a machine. They engineered the X-Maxx with eight inch tires in height, long arm suspension, and large ground clearance to make an unstoppable force on the ground.

This large RC truck measures in at thirty inches long and twenty one inches wide, larger than some RC helicopters and RC planes.

Traxxas put all of their eggs into this basket to make sure that every type of RC fan would be satisfied with this RC truck. It might look like a monster truck, but it’s got the power and control to rival some of the fastest RCs available today.

Features Galore

It’s hard to believe that Traxxas could have fit any more features into this RC vehicle, as their feature list is extremely long. They have every cutting edge piece of technology rolled into this beautiful work of art that you could imagine.

The key thing about all of the features that Traxxas rolled into the X-Maxx is their consistency with ready to drive operation and consistent entertainment experiences.

Whether it is the complete waterproof capability, easy access to the battery, no clip lid, improved stability and handling, superior durability construction, or self-right feature, the abundance of features is something we simply have to list for your viewing pleasure.

X-Maxx Features:

  • Brushless Power System
  • 35+ MPH Speeds
  • Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
  • Improved Stability Management
  • High Output Radio System
  • Improved Body Mounting System
  • 4x4 Wheel Drivetrain
  • Improved Motor Mounting System For Easy Access and Maintenance
  • Modular Composite Parts For Customization and Maintenance
  • Optimized Suspension
  • Aluminum GTX Shocks
  • Energy Absorption Bumpers
  • Compatibility for Back-End Accessorie
  • Much More!

Just from the short list alone, it’s easy to see why the Traxxas X-Maxx is one of the most powerful, durable, RC beasts available.

This RC truck can reach 35 mph speeds, and if you’d like it to go faster you can purchase a high gear ratio to increase top speed. Modifying the gearing ratio however will change the temperature of the engine and battery draw, so great care should be taken.

X-maxx Traxxas car

This car has so many features that it could be quite overwhelming for starters or beginners. It is recommended that this RC vehicle be used by professionals or those with a lot of experience.

Industry Reviews

The Traxxas X-Maxx not only speaks volumes from the way it drives, but from what others in the industry say about this heavy duty RC truck. Industry experts have nothing but rave reviews for this excellent RC vehicle:

Handles all types of terrain with no problem, wish I could’ve found this sooner

Traxxas X-maxx Owner

Power is incredible, Traxxas does it again with this super quick machine that I wish I had found earlier

Traxxas X-maxx Owner

No doubt about it, the X-Maxx leaves every other RC truck in the dust, literally

Traxxas X-maxx Owner

Additional Information

The X-Maxx does have the ability to add on additional accessories and customize this remote controlled vehicle to match the personality of the driver, but it is expensive. While this RC does pack a powerful punch on everything it offers, it won’t come cheap. The Traxxas X-Maxx comes in at a value around of $800.

The X-Maxx comes with modular chassis design to adjust and customize for the different terrains you might drive this RC over. Any needed maintenance or modifications can be made with little hassle, which is a major difference when compared to other RCs on the market.

The tires feature a massive grip which allow for an extremely aggressive ride that allows the full power to shine.

Revolutionary Traxxas waterproofing enables easy clean and dry features to keep this beast of a machine looking nice for every time you want to take it out for a quick spin or adventure. Other RCs require dismantling and elbow grease to clean, but Traxxas makes it clear that the thing you should be doing is driving, not cleaning.

Things We Liked

  • Additional Room For Accessories
  • Extreme Power and Speeds
  • Waterproof
  • Durability
  • Aggressive Styling
  • Superb Suspension
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • 4X4 Drive Train

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Costy

Final Verdict

While this beast of a remote controlled vehicle is expensive, it is well worth double the price. Traxxas packs every single feature and then some into this great machine that is a must own for every RC enthusiast.

After this Traxxas X-Maxx review, If you’re looking for an RC to add or start your own collection, you can’t go wrong with this product, and we encourage you to take the step forward to get this great machine.

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