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Traxxas Summit


Traxxas produces some of the most powerful and remarkable remote controlled vehicles in the marketplace today, and they have done so again with the Traxxas Summit. Arguably the most versatile all-terrain performance machine available when it comes to RC vehicles, this behemoth stops at nothing when it comes to providing extreme power and entertainment for hours on end.

Join us in this Traxxas Summit Review as we take an in-depth look at what makes this machine one of the best in class RC vehicles available today.

Review Date 

23rd of August 2016


Performance Parts Packed into One Behemoth

Traxxas summit in Action

Traxxas isn’t afraid of packing performance parts into large RC vehicles. Some companies tend to shy away from producing large-scale remote controlled vehicles so that they can have sleek designs that look great. Traxxas, on the other hand, would rather fit as much RC ingenuity and technical marvels to provide customers with the most powerful RC vehicle available, without worrying about style.

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Traxxas packs some of the most revolutionary technology available in the vehicle realm, into this behemoth of an RC so that customers will enjoy the time they spend with this purchase. This large RC all-terrain vehicle, measuring in at 22 inches in length and over 12 inches in height, this RC vehicle will tackle any type of terrain or track thrown at it.

One of the revolutionary pieces of technology that Traxxas has included in Traxxas Summit is the Innovative T-Lock remote locking differentials. These differentials can be controlled by the controller, which will allow the owner to switch between high and low transmission at a moment’s notice. No longer are users stuck with one transmission, instead, they can customize their transmission dependent upon the terrain they are facing. For those extra difficult climbs or obstacles, the Traxxas Summit is by far the best option available to tackle it.

Customization Is Key

Moving further along with their customization and options galore package with the Summit, Traxxas has included two separate gear ratios that will allow individuals to switch from first gear dedicated to climbing or second gear dedicated to trail races. Not only do users get to customize the places they wish to travel with this RC vehicle, but they have also innovated how users can do it.

Traxxas Summit Review

Traxxas uses a completely waterproof electronic setup that enables users to take their RC vehicle through water, mud, or snow. This means that RC owners no longer have to wait for certain seasons to come around in order to enjoy their beautiful RC investment. In addition, Traxxas has done something very few if any companies have been able to do. Included with their electronic speed control that helps manage all of the power and maneuverings of this RC machine, Traxxas has created three separate drive profiles to customize the user experience. This means that owners can choose from a sport mode, a race mode, or a training mode. The revolutionary patented training mode now allows for beginners to purchase this behemoth and start out with half the power until they get comfortable with the machine and eventually upgrade.

This revolutionary development is great for individuals who no longer want to purchase a cheaper RC vehicle, and then wait until they outgrow it to move upwards.

Engineered For One Purpose From Start To Finish

Traxxas Summit Motor

It is clear that Traxxas knows what they are doing in the RC world, as they seem to build reliable RC vehicles with a consistent goal from start to finish. The Traxxas Summit continues this legacy as it is clear that they knew what they were going to build from start to finish and didn’t add any unnecessary or additional features that didn’t ultimately meet the end goal.

The goal for the Traxxas Summit is clear once you begin to use it, they wanted to build a machine that could tackle any environment without sacrificing any power or handling. Included within the Summit are 10 LED lights that are affixed to the RC vehicle to enable users to drive their RC truck around during the day and night. In addition, The ExoCage body helps add rock hard stability and protection that will enable owners to take this vehicle anywhere without having to worry about durability questions.

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Underneath the rig is a skid plate that protects the bottom of the RC vehicle, sealed inner-workings to make sure no compartments would be damaged during use, and hard anodized shock bodies to protect the shocks and shock shafts. Traxxas rounds out this behemoth of an RC vehicle with seven-inch tires and sidewall protectors that help this machine go from an RC vehicle to a tank that can tackle anything you throw at it.

Because Traxxas clearly wanted a machine that would enable users to go from a beginner to advance without any additional purchases, they also made it even easier on the users with LiPo, NiMH, and NiCad battery compatibility.

List of Features

The Traxxas Summit has so many wonderful features, but these are the ones that stand out:

  • Three Drive Profiles
  • Waterproof Electronics
  • Remote Locking Differentials
  • ExoCage Skeleton
  • Skid Plates
  • Seven Inch Tires
  • LiPo, NiMH, and NiCad Battery Compatibility

Traxxas Summit Industry Reviews

The reviews are in for the Traxxas Summit and once again, it seems Traxxas has hit another great RC vehicle out of the park. A few industry experts had this to say about the Summit:

·“This machine had no problem tackling anything we threw at it.”

·“Look no further then the Traxxas Summit.

·“Built for trails, for streams, for everything.”

Additional Information

The Traxxas Summit will cost something between $600 and $700. This truck falls right in line with some of the other competitors on the market but has a greater value from all of the revolutionary technology and features that Traxxas has rolled into this RC vehicle.

Things We Liked

  • Full Body Protection From Abrasions
  • Remote Controlled Differentials
  • Three Battery Compatibility
  • Suspension
  • Different Drive Profiles
  • Long List of Accessories

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Weird Consistency of Color Scheme

Final Verdict

In this Traxxas Summit Review we saw how Traxxas Summit is the premiere RC vehicle on the market that will tackle anything you throw at it. It is easy to see why people are loving this new RC vehicle and chomping at the bits to get it, as Traxxas has outdone themselves once again with an engineering marvel.

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