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On-road remote control cars are on the decline in recent years as off-road RC vehicles have taken the spotlight. The announcement of the Traxxas Ford GT Remote Control Car made huge news in the RC community. It featured the new 4-Tec 2.0 chassis attached to stylish Ford GT body.

But the question is, can this Ford GT vehicle breathe much-needed life back into the on-road category? Here's our Traxxas Ford GT review to get the lowdown on this question (and more).

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Review of the Traxxas Ford GT

Beauty and speed - these are the two traits promised by the Traxxas Ford GT to its drivers. For those who're wondering why the model looks almost, if not exactly alike as the life-size Ford GT vehicle, it's because this scale model is a licensed replica of that car.

Who is This Product For?

On-road remote control car enthusiasts who might have lost a bit of faith in this category will enjoy a breath of fresh air once they get behind the wheel of this Traxxas 1/10 on-road car. Handling and cornering deliver astounding performances, and its top speeds are nothing to laugh at.

Key Features and Benefits of the Traxxas Ford GT

Traxxas Ford GT Side view

Superior Build Quality

On-road remote control are not known to have excellent durability as opposed to their off-road siblings. However, the Traxxas Ford GT Replica RC car is on a different scale than most, so to speak. All of its bolts are tight, but surprisingly they're not stripped. The gear mesh is as it should be, and the wheel nuts are very tight.

Solid Turning Capabilities

Think about drag racing with improved corner handling, and this RC car should come into mind. Albeit it doesn't turn well as compared to a high-end touring car, but doing an 180 with minimal effort is still achievable (and very satisfying to do). When it's turning, the chassis will lean a teensy bit, and the front wheels will stick most of the time.

Handles On-Road Challenges Well

To be fair, the Traxxas Ford GT remote control car doesn't contain much wheel travel like other remote control vehicles in the category. However, it can handle standard bumps on the road just as good as any other 1/10 on-road RC, or even better. When driving it over pot holes and large pavement joints, the vehicle will kick up to the side.

Exemplary On-Road Performance

Performing on-road is what the Traxxas Ford GT was designed for, and it performs exceptionally well in this regard. Put it on the road, make it accelerate, and watch as it gives you the on-road performance of your dreams. This particular model will only traction roll if it caught a rock or rut in a corner, but otherwise, users will have next to no problem in driving it around.

Likable Stock Tires

The tires included in the package of this scale model of the Ford GT vehicle are highly attractive. If you're not planning on customizing your car, then you can still make do with the stock tires in playing with it from time-to-time. However, for more serious remote control enthusiasts, you can replace the stock tires for better handling and performance.

Powerful Speeds

The Ford GT remote control car takes advantage of a 12 turn Titan engine for its power, and it will top out at 25 mph. It will provide more than enough power out of the box to bring out pleasing and excited reactions from onlookers. Once again, for more serious drivers, changing the onboard engine might be a favorable decision.

The Traxxas Stability Management System

This remote control scale model of the Ford GT vehicle comes with the Traxxas Stability Management System. Turning this system on will let you pull off exciting maneuvers like a pro. Nonetheless, turning the Stability Management System off will still give you a decent driving experience. It is advised, however, not to turn the system up all the way as the car will start wiggling on its own.

New Design for the Battery Strap

Many RC car model enthusiasts might think that when they've seen a battery strap, they've seen them all. Traxxas gave this particular element an overhaul as the strap is now very easy to use. Furthermore, it doesn't even require a body clip. The strap does an excellent job in holding the batteries in place, even when driving over potholes or small rocks.


  • Very durable for an on-road vehicle.
  • Drifting with this Ford GT vehicle can become addicting.
  • Plenty of attention to detail.
  • No need to adjust the steering trim.
  • Full forward to full reverse in an instant.


  • It cannot drive over tall grass.
  • The included servo is not fast enough for serious remote control scale model car enthusiasts.

Customer Reviews

Traxxas Ford GT

I've been asking other remote control car enthusiasts and searching around the Internet for their Traxxas Ford GT review.

On one particular review, Cubby from Big Squid RC presented high marks for the Ford GT vehicle. "While the car didn’t have insane brushless power, that didn’t keep us from having a fantastic time with it," he continue "It was a combination of head turning looks, Sherman tank durability, and sweet handling that consistently kept a smile on our test driver’s faces."

Another Traxxas Ford GT review, this time by the RC Newb, said: "this is an attractive on-road option feature plenty of unique external and internal features."

While this particular remote control vehicle arrives with some shortcomings, the positives outweigh the negatives.

FAQ & Additional Tips

Is the Traxxas Ford GT expensive?

The price point of this remote control scale model of the Ford GT is in line with many on-road vehicles on the market. If you've been on the remote control community for quite some time, the average $300 price range is reasonable enough.

Does it come with batteries?

Just like with many other remote control automobiles on the market, the answer is "No," it doesn't come with stock batteries.

What size batteries should I get?

The Ford GT vehicle requires one 8.4V NiMH battery, or a 2-Cell LiPo battery, as well as a charger.

Can I purchase one now?

If you're interested in getting this model right now, then yes, it available in Amazon and many other remote control shops.

Final Verdict

We've reached the end of this Traxxas Ford GT review, and the overall results come out with positive vibes. I could conclude that this remote control car is an ideal option for anyone who's looking to get into the on-road scale model scene, as well as for veterans who want a breath of fresh air if their faith in the category dwindled down a bit. Ultimately, this car deserves a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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