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Traxxas have released the old bigfoot (Traxxas BigFoot 1) for Limited Time. Check it here​


On Septemper 2016, Traxxas announce one of most beloved Replica Car the Traxxas Big foot. When it comes to remote control monster trucks, it can be difficult looking for the right model that will serve all of your RC truck needs for entertainment and functionality. The Traxxas Bigfoot seems to be unparalleled when it comes to providing the ultimate monster truck RC experience. In this review, I’m going to dive right into the Traxxas Bigfoot, the 1/10 sized replica of the original monster truck, what it has to offer and what I liked best about the Traxxas Bigfoot.

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Traxxas Bigfoot Review

Product Introduction

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The first thing that you need to know about the Traxxas Bigfoot is that it is a high-performing, 1/10 sized replica of the original monster truck. The great thing about the Traxxas Bigfoot is that it ships fully assembled, totally waterproof, and ready to get out in the mud, on the track, or crushing anything in its way. This truck is meant to look, feel, and perform like the original Bigfoot itself, and judging by what I’ve seen this thing do. It isn’t some knockoff or replica of the real thing either, this is an officially licensed Bigfoot monster truck body that comes in either Firestone blue, or the official Summit Racing silver paint design.

About the Company

The Bigfoot is made by Traxxas, not only the developing the fastest RC cars and trucks in the world, but also the number one selling RC cars and remote controlled trucks. They produce everything from trucks, cars, and speedboats to helicopters and a variety of different accessories to customize and upgrade any and all of your Traxxas RC vehicles. You can jump right into a Traxxas RC vehicle for just under $150, and 25 models with prices ranging up to the $350.

This company has been building some of the fastest, most interesting, and highly innovative RC vehicles for the last 20+ years, so they are a household name in the RC industry. They have reliable, intricate radio systems that are ideal for vehicle control, and one of the things I like best about their vehicles is that you can pull them out of the box and get them rolling within minutes of unpackaging them. They also boast one of the fastest RC cars in history, the XO-1 supercar that has clocked in at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. Traxxas has been producing high performance, durable, award-winning, and functional remote controlled vehicles that last for years, and the have some awesome customer service that stands behind their products and can help owners with whatever they need.


  • Really affordable for being able to get such a high performing RC monster truck
  • Super durable
  • Easy to drive
  • Awesome paint jobs, design, and detailing
  • Totally waterproof electronics
  • Awesome shocks that can stand up to a variety of jumps and terrain
  • Perfect for beginners to learn how to drive, and easy to upgrade your Traxxas Bigfoot with custom, higher performing parts and components in the future


  • This model is a two wheel drive vehicle, not a four wheel drive
  • This model, right out of the box, is great for beginners, but more advanced drivers may feel the need to upgrade this model quickly

Key Features and Benefits

Here is a breakdown of some of the parts, components, key features, benefits, and notes that I liked best about the Traxxas Bigfoot.


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The Bigfoot is equipped with proven Stampede chassis, that actually have a narrower, modified tub fit to serve as the support structure for this truck. The chassis is slightly wider than the battery compartment and has tons of internal rib work for support and durability for taking a beating out on the dirt, and making sure that this truck has a firm foundation to work with.


The great thing about the drivetrain is that it has a Magnum 272 transmission, and even though the motor isn’t the most powerful (Titan 12T) its brushless and super easy to take out if and when you want to upgrade your Bigfoot. What’s interesting is that this truck comes equipped with bearings in the transmission only, and bushings everywhere else. You would think that for max performance, Traxxas would have taken the time to give this truck a full set of bearings.

What they did though by giving the Bigfoot Oilite bushings is that you can drive this thing through the dirt, mud, water, and even a little snow and it will require virtually no maintenance because of the design and durability of the bushings.


Sure, this is only a two wheel drive truck, but it sure is a high performance two wheel drive. Since this is a rear wheel drive vehicle, pretty much all of the weight is in the back to keep it as balanced as possible. No problems or issues with the steering of this vehicle, although I did note that there appeared to be a little bit of bumpsteer when the shocks are at the highest compression, but otherwise, there appeared to be no problem.


The Traxxas Bigfoot comes with the XL 5- ESC motor and the Titan 12T 550 modified motor, which are able to draw a ton of speed and power from the 7 cell NiMh battery. The Bigfoot itself comes with a rechargeable battery and a battery charger, but you will need to get your own double A batteries for the remote.


bigfoot body

The body of the Traxxas Bigfoot looks pretty awesome. They went totally authentic with the designs and colors that they use on the actual, full-sized monster truck.


When it comes to RC monster trucks, they need serious suspensions so that they can sustain some hard driving, which is exactly what they are made for. Though the shocks on this truck are plastic, and not aluminum, Traxxas has their own shock technology that provides a functional, leak-free seal and smooth shock performance. The good news is that these shocks have been able to stand up to a lot, and appear to provide a lot of forgiveness in the event of a collision.

Performance Notes

I noticed right off the bat that the Traxxas Bigfoot has a ton of torque, and a lot of acceleration. In fact, it has so much power that occasionally, when starting from a stop and depending on what kind of surface you are on, the power of the motor with kick up the front wheels clean off of the ground. If you are interested in getting some serious lift and hangtime off of your jumps, the Bigfoot can definitely get some air.

The reason that this truck is awesome for beginners or anyone who wants a little more control, is that when hitting hard turns in the Bigfoot there is very little give in the tires. So there is very little risk of spinning out, which is nice if you are just getting into RC driving.

Another plus to this vehicle is that Traxxas has kept its maintenance to an absolute minimum. Having the simplicity in the design of this vehicle is great for keeping it low maintenance, but keep in mind that if you want to make some power upgrades to this car, it will probably take more of a beating, meaning that it will require more maintenance.

Customer Reviews

traxxas bigfoot reviews

Overall, it seems that customers are fairly happy with the Traxxas Bigfoot. It gives you a high performance, durable, vehicle, that handles really well for a lower price than you could get a comparable performance RC monster truck. It is really easy to drive with smooth response from the remote to the truck itself, and the fact that it gets very little slippage when out on the dirt, grass, or road make this really great for introductory and intermediate drivers. Plus, having the option to upgrade the parts on the Bigfoot to give it the ability to drive and feel a little more like your own customized ride is a really nice perk.

FAQ and Additional Tips

If you are ordering the Traxxas Bigfoot off of Amazon it is not eligible for international shipping, but within the US it can ship to you within about a week. This is a large truck clocking in at about 8 pounds, and the best feature of the Bigfoot is that it really is ready to drive right out of the box. Charger and battery pack are included with the truck and all you need is a set of double A batteries for the remote to get it started.

Final Verdict on the Traxxas Bigfoot

All around, there is pretty much nothing to complain about when it comes to the Traxxas Bigfoot. The biggest takeaways I got from taking a closer look at it were that it was a high performing truck for a super reasonable price, comes stocked with everything that you need to drive it right out of the box, and has plenty of room to upgrade it in the future. Besides it being a two wheel drive and not a four wheel, this is well-rounded performance monster truck that is suitable and durable for a variety of skill levels.

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