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Do you enjoy assembling and operating Radio Controlled (RC) vehicles? If you do, you should take a close look at this cool RC boat. After hours of research, I have put together an extensive review of the Pro Boat Rockstar Catamaran. This is a boat that has some serious quality built in, and the features that advanced hobbyists look for in a high-performance boat. 

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Pro Boat Rockstar Catamaran Review

Pro Boat Catamaran

What is the Pro Boat Rockstar Catamaran?

This RC boat is a large Catamaran-type boat similar to those used in offshore racing. It is powered by a gasoline engine and controlled using a radio controller and receiver to operate servos to control steering, throttle, and forward/reverse direction controls. This boat is made by Pro Boat, a respected company that’s known for producing quality, detailed RC vehicles.

Who Should Buy The Pro Boat Rockstar Catamaran?

This boat is definitely not for beginning hobbyists. It is handmade and features some of the highest quality components available for any RC boats. It requires some assembly, and caring for this boat will require advanced skills as well. Operating and maintaining this RC boat make it ideal for an advanced hobbyist with good skills and the ability to operate a high performance boat in a safe manner.

Key Features and Benefits

Pro Boat Rockstar Catamaran

It’s Big - This is a really large RC boat. It’s a full four feet long, and the beam is nice and wide at 17.3 inches. When you add in the sturdy 20.2 pound weight, you get one of the most stable RC boats available today. The size of the Rockstar Catamaran enable it to handle rough waters at higher speeds than most of its competition.

Gas Engine - You get to have more fun with a boat that’s powered with a gas engine. Those days of running your boat for 15 minutes and then charging the batteries for an hour are over. With the Rockstar Catamaran, you simply add 87 octane gasoline and go! You can enjoy hours of continuous boating operation without any long waits.

It’s Fast - This RC boat features Pro Boat’s Dynamite 26cc gas engine with a tuned pipe and muffler. The power from the engine is transferred down the flexible drive shaft that eliminates vibration, and spins the 70mm 1.5 pitch propellor to push the boat forward. All of this boils down to the fact that despite this boat’s large size, it’s still very fast. The Rockstar Catamaran is capable of speeds of 40+ miles per hour, and on the water that’s really moving.

Clutch - One nice safety feature that Pro Boat added to this awesome boat is the centrifugal clutch system. When this boat is at idle, the clutch engages so the drive shaft and propellor stop spinning, which greatly reduces the risk of injury from moving parts while handling a boat that’s running. You don’t have to worry about cutting your hands when you buy the Rockstar Catamaran.


  • Gas engine for continuous fun without waiting for batteries to charge
  • 2.4 GHz 2-channel radio system
  • Hand-laid fiberglass hull
  • Powerful 26cc engine pushes this boat to speeds of 40+mph
  • Great quality and attention to detail


  • LiPo battery charger for radio receiver battery not included
  • Price is high for beginners to RC boating
  • A high maintenance boat that requires some effort

Customer Reviews

The reviewer overall love the product but one of them had some issues. One Reviewer said that he love the product even it had damage in the paint and he will definitely buy it again.

Other Reviewer love it so much and that he can not stop playing with it.​ Other buyer said he had some problem with their costumers service and the boat had some issue and it need to fix also it's high maintenance boat. But It's a lot of fun when you figure everything out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How long will this boat fun on a full tank of fuel?

A: On average, this RC boat will run for about 20 to 30 minutes on each tank of fuel.

Q: Is everything included that you need to use the boat right out of the box?

A: No. You need to supply an approved gasoline container with gasoline and you’ll need a LiPo battery charger to keep up your charge on the receiver battery. That’s about it.

Q: Do you need to tune up the engine before use or can you just put gas in and go?

A: It’s just gas and go for the most part. You might need to adjust the idle speed, but that’s about it.

Final Verdict

The Pro Boat Rockstar Catamaran is a great RC boat. From the hand crafted hull to the quality components and detail, you get a really nice boat for the price. It’s also very large, which makes it more usable more often, and the performance from the gas engine is great for a boat of this size. If you’re a serious hobbyist who enjoys working on your machines just as much as running them, this is a fantastic boat you’ll really enjoy. 

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