Revealed!: The best Traxxas rc cars you need to know

Of course, RC cars look more or less like toys. However, they are not your kid’s playthings. The truth is that Traxxas RC cars have powerful engines as well as speed and multi-terrain features that can make even a roadrunner break into a sweat.

If you’ve been wondering where to get the best RC cars, then Traxxas has you covered. To say the least, Traxxas RC cars are simply the best. As you know, Radio Controlled (RC) cars are simply self-powered model vehicles, which you can use a radio-frequency link and a specialized transmitter to control. Because they require little or no assembly, they’re Ready-to-Run (RTR) immediately you take them out of the box. The good news is that you can upgrade most parts of your RC car, which means that you can customize it they way you want.

Electric RC cars, which have a motor and needs electricity to run, are among the most popular kinds of RC car models. With fully charged batteries, you’ll be able to provide power to these models. As you know, electric RC cars are great for various reasons. First, they produce minimal noise. Secondly, they’re very easy to maintain and you can operate them indoors.

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If you’re looking to start with hobby-grade RC’s, electric vehicles are your perfect choice. Fortunately, there is an RC car out there for everyone. So the question is what is the best Traxxas to buy?  Here is a list of the top 5 best Traxxas RC cars.

Review of Best Traxxas RC Cars

1. Traxxas E-Revo Brushless Review - Editorial Choice

Traxxas e-revo brushless rc car

Are you an off road fan looking to get a durable RC car with massive power? If you answered yes, then look no further than the Traxxas E-Revo Brushless. Manufactured by Traxxas, the E-Revo Brushless is one of the right kinds of RC cars that will make off road fans to enjoy an entertaining and adventurous moments with family and friends. Apart from the fact that it’s of very high quality, the E Revo Brushless has a massive power, which is among the most of its attractive features.

So, if you’re looking for an excellent all-round RC car money can buy, then the Traxxas E-Revo Brushless is what you’ve been after. First, it’s easily repaired; it’s very strong and durable as well, which makes it a perfect choice for both new and hardcore hobbyists. Secondly, it has perfect traction in loose terrain – thanks to its smart features. Furthermore, it’s well suited off road as well.

You can easily maintain control over both smooth and rocky terrain because it has a full suspension, which also makes cornering very easy. As expected, you might wonder a little too far off the track. When that happens, its breaking and reversing capabilities will help you a great deal in keeping it from getting stuck.

With the trim and beautifully painted tough exterior body, this RC truck is highly durable. Its rear wing is adjustable. So, when you want to prevent harsh air movement from going across the body especially when the car is moving, you’ll simply adjust its rear wing. This also provides outstanding back wheel traction.

Made out of nylon composite, its chassis, which is 0.08 inches, is complete with scalable and integrated double battery components that are able to hold up to 6s packs. Furthermore, it includes cooling vents and battery doors for quick release, making them extremely functional.

Traxxas is a prominent name in the world of RC cars and for very many years now, it’s been manufacturing some of the best RC models. As expected, the company has manufactured the E Revo with massive brushless power. The good news is that you can buy this amazing RC car at great prices, which is always the case with Traxxas RC vehicles.


  • Attractive design
  • Strong and durable
  • Brilliant acceleration
  • Very easy to operate
  • Massive power


  • A bit pricy
  • Consumes much power


Even though many users have complained that this RC truck is a bit more expensive, we can comfortably recommend it to any RC enthusiast. Having put it under extremely tough test to determine whether its strong and durable enough, we can confidently say that this is a great truck for any hardcore hobbyist who is looking for something durable, flexible and powerful.

2. Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless Review - Best Traxxas RC Truck

Traxxas E-maxx Brushless rc car

Are you looking for RC vehicle that has all the strength and durability that is more than what’s needed in most powerful brushless setups of today? Well, if your answer is yes, then look no further than the Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless because it has more than what you need. The Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless is the latest Traxxas’ E-Maxx Brushless Edition. Actually, it’s better equipped than ever.

It features Traxxas Stability Management waterproof electronics and therefore, mud, water, ice or rain are irrelevant, which means you can drive it on both wet and dry weather without having to worry that it might get damaged. The already-loaded E-Maxx also includes the TQi transmitter, which act as standard equipment.

With two 7-cell NiMh batteries, this RC vehicle can accelerate on both smooth and rough terrains to over 35mph. If that’s not satisfactory enough for you, you can install additional Power Cell 3S LiPo batteries to attain speeds such as 65mph. The wheel-lifting torque enables this vehicle to accelerate on such high speed – thanks to its heavy-duty setup.

If you’re familiar with the world of RC, then I bet you know that only Traxxas allows you to experience 4WD excitement come rain or sunshine. Simply put, you don’t have to worry about what Mother Nature brings, be it mud, water, snow or sun. No weather condition can slow down or stop the Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless. Even in wet conditions, you’ll still have unlimited fun – thanks to its waterproof electronic speed control, waterproof receiver box and waterproof high-torque digital steering servo. When you try this RC truck, I bet you’ll find it hard to try other trucks for the obvious reason that it has no match.

So if you really want an RC truck that you’ll drive where you want, how you want and where you want, there is no need to hesitate. Simply get this Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless. You don’t have to worry about how much you’ll pay for this unbelievable built RC car because it’s so affordable that almost everyone can afford it. This E-Maxx is a heavy-duty RC truck any enthusiast can ask for.


  • Attractive design
  • Waterprood
  • Great speed


  • Pricy



With speeds such as 60mph, the Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless is simply the RC car that anyone looking to buy the most equipped Traxxas RC car should go for.

Traxxas Rally Car rc car

Yes, it’s true that Traxxas is the leading and prominent selling name in RTR nitro and electric vehicles, a title the company has been holding for more than four years now. This new Traxxas 1/10 brings new experience to hobbyists and takes rally racing to a completely new level.

It’s an all-round car, Rally car is extremely versatile in the terrain, and it can easily move on both pavements and off-road terrain. So, it doesn’t matter whether the terrain is dry, covered in snow or just wet. You don’t have to worry about mud, snow or rain because it’s waterproof. Therefore, nothing stops or slows down Our Traxxas rally RC. Whatever Mother Nature brings, be it rain snow or sun, you’ll still have fun.

Apart from its cool and fun design, the Traxxas 1/10 Rally Car uses both performance-optimized low-CG chassis and Velineon 3500 Brushless motor along with 4WD to make it the perfect choice for both the kids who just want something to get started with the hobby and the hardcore hobbyist adults.

With the included Power Cell NiMH battery, this Traxxas 1/10 Rally in our review accelerates on up to 40mph. If that’s not enough speed for you, you can include an optional 3-cell Power Cell LiPo pack and in that way, it will be able to go over 60mph. You can try it and find out why it was the 2013 Car of the Year of the RC Car Action Magazine.

The Traxxas rally RC is actually the best rally RC car available in the market right now and they are on the range of $400 to $500.


  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable transmitter with custom settings
  • To allow Smartphone turning, it's compatible with the TQi Docking Base
  • Fitted with Velineon VXL-3s speed control
  • Doesn't require model momery


  • bit Pricy
  • Have to upgrade to 3-cell Power Cell Li-Po for desirable speed 



Because of its terrain versatility, waterproof electronics and high-end features, the Traxxas rally RC is an RC car that allows you to explore many RC possibilities.

4. Traxxas Stadium Rustler XL-5 Review - Low Budget Choice

Traxxas Stadium rustler rc car

Are you looking to buy RC Car under $250? If you answered yes, then the Traxxas Stadium Rustler XL-5, which is the best RC Car under that price, is what you’re looking for. In fact, it’s among the most fun RC cars available currently in the market. There are many good reasons it’s currently the number 1 selling 1/10 stadium racer. First, you can drive it in all weather conditions – thanks to its waterproof electronics. This means that mud, water and snow are irrelevant when you’re considering where to drive it. Secondly, this 1/10 stadium racer car has Traxxas’ Power Cell 7-cell NiMH battery for great speed.

Even though our Traxxas Rustler Xl-5 is rugged, it’s still sporty and tops out at 35mph. You’ll find a Torque-Control slipper clutch under its body and this allows it to operate smoothly and efficiently with consistent traction control. For your younger brother who is just starting on the hobby, there are three driver profiles and an extremely easy-to-use Electric Speed Control that allow for high current handling. This allows starters to control their skills easily before they can make use of the full power of its Titan 12T motor. Because the Traxxas Stadium Rustler XL-5 is Ready-to-Run (RTR), all you have to do is insert your batteries, and get started immediately. So, if you’re looking to buy a hobby car and your budget is not more than $250, then it’s actually the perfect choice available in the market at the moment.


  • Waterproof
  • Good quality tires
  • Flies off jumps well             


  • Bulky
  • Not very strong
  • Doesn't hit 35mph out of the box


The Traxxas 37054 Stadium Rustler XL-5 works well for both beginners and adult hobbyist. It’s waterproof and easy to control. Therefore, we would not hesitate to recommend it.

Traxxas stampede vxl rc car

For many years now, Stampede has been and still is the first name among real funs of monster truck funs in the world of RC. The truck comes with wheelie bar to keep the altitude in check. Good news is that even if you’re going over 50mph, the wheelies don’t stop. The fun doesn’t stop there especially if you’re a hobbyist with the nerve and skills to handle the kind of power that the Traxxas Stampede VXL comes with. With top speeds such as over 65 mph, the Traxxas Stability Management along with Velineon Brushless power systems are designed to allow you the extreme limits of what’s not possible with brushless.

If you’ve never tried this Traxxas Stampede VXL, then you can’t claim to have ever experienced such a throttle response and speed that you’ll find in this monster truck. For luck of a better word, we can say that this RC car is tough and unbelievably fast. Simply put, Traxxas Stampede VXL is the ultimate RC truck you’re looking for irrespective of the kind of R/C racing you’re into.

With Traxxas Stability Management on board, you’ll have easy control and straight-ahead full-throttle acceleration especially on slippery surfaces. Furthermore, TSM makes for you the corrections in the background, which means that high speed cornering is not only possible, but also easy, safe and doesn’t interfere with your fun. Mud, water or rain is irrelevant because this RC car is waterproof. So, it doesn’t limit your fun to particular weather conditions because you can drive it at any time or season of the year.


  • Waterproof
  • Top speed control
  • Tough and durable
  • Great speed


  • The truck requires optional pinion gear which you must buy separately                              


Having tested the Traxxas Stampede VXL, compared it with other RC trucks and considered what the users are saying, we can confidently say that this is absolutely the RC car that should be in your arsenal if you’re a true RC enthusiast.


Traxxas cars are one of most wanted rc cars and they have a lot of amazing car. This list was just our view of 5 best Traxxas remote control (rc) cars for electrical and scale 1/10.  ​And the Traxxas E-Revo Brushless motor is our choice for the top one.

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