Best RC Planes Simulator for 2017 to Learn How to Fly

There are many great RC Planes simulator available in the marketplace today that help individuals with different experience levels learn how to operate, fly, maintain, and maneuver remote-controlled planes. Some simulators specialize in one particular type of RC plane, such as drones, helicopters, or planes. To build upon the unique specialization of some RC plane simulators, some simulators are keyboard only based, while others offer a controller to make the training and development of the pilot as realistic as possible, offering an enriching unique experience.

While the market for RC plane simulators was formerly known as a training tool or a way to get new entries into the marketplace, it has now become one of the most reliable ways to grow and develop experience levels for all ages. As such, the world of RC plane simulators has gotten quite crowded, as companies are looking to get their foot in the door with a reliable simulation software for the growing market. We’ve reviewed some of the best RC planes simulator software on the market and have found the best RC Planes Simulator: RealFlight RF7.5 R/C Flight Simulator.

RealFlight RF7.5 R/C Flight Simulator InterLink Elite Controller Edition

best RC planes simulator for 2016

The plane simulator made by RealFlight is one of the best planes simulator available on the market today. Their controller comes engineered to offer the most experience available to those who are looking to get started in the remote controlled flying world, develop their existing talent, or work on some errors they might have on their weekend flights during the off season. One of the greatest things about the RealFlight simulator is that flying with their software is as easy as installing their software, and plugging in the controller to a USB port to get started.

Partnerships Where They Matter

RealFlight makes it clear that they want to provide the best flight simulator available to the remote controlled industry, as they have partnered up with some of the leading producers in the industry. Other simulation companies in the past have taken one hundred percent of the development under their power and dive headfirst into an industry they might not fully understand.

This means that basic understandings of aeronautics, flight controls, and RC controls are hard to understand and translate to real life applications. A simulation from a competitor might not take the wind into consideration with their simulation, or consider different elements to place the RC simulation under to create lifelike simulations that help develop the individual using the simulation. RealFlight goes in a different direction from some of their competitors, as its clear, they aren’t afraid of making partnerships with companies who will help them create the most enriching RC plane simulation available.

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RealFlight partnered with Futaba to create an InterLink Elite Controller that is paired with their RC plane simulation software. This controller is almost identical to a traditional remote controlled flight controller that one would receive with a purchase of an RC plane, besides a few slight differences. This means that individuals can accurately train and develop their skills on a close representation of an RC plane controller, without having to go through barriers set forth by poor industry software technology.

Extremely Versatile Software

RealFlight’s RF7.5 software is one of the most versatile simulation programs available today in any industry. Their software comes with over 140 different aircraft that future RC pilots can train on. Other software within the industry typically focuses on one genre like we previously mentioned, but RealFlight does away with that notion. Prospective RC pilots can train on all different types of RC planes without having to buy any extra software or downloadable content at an extra price tag. This means that there is a limitless opportunity available to those looking to develop their skill, without having to worry about crashing on their first time in the air.

realflight simulator

In addition, there are over forty (40) different locations and flying sites that RC plane pilots can explore. Previous iterations of plane simulations would use the same runway, green grass field, and cloud-like animations to simulate RC plane flying, but RealFlight understands that the closer they can depict it to real life, the better pilots will be off in the end.

With over 40 different flying locations in the game, pilots can have a different experience every time they use the RC flight simulator by RealFlight. In addition to their different flying locations, RealFlight takes advantage of different game-like challenges. This means that they have different rotor challenges, physics challenges, along with terrain and environment challenges.

One moment, a pilot can be flying with no wind, and then in the next, a strong wind can come swooping by that will totally change the dynamic of the simulation for the pilot. This means that every time an individual gets ready to use the best RC planes simulator by RealFlight, they don’t know what they are expecting. The beauty of it all is that there are built-in safeguards within the simulation and the controller provided to help grow experience levels.

Perhaps a pilot could have done one maneuver a little bit better. Well, with the rewind and replay setting that is built into both the simulation and the controller, a pilot can review what they did wrong, how to correct it, and move forward in the future. This means that there are an infinite number of mistakes that can be corrected and improved upon for pilots looking to develop their skills even further.

Physics For Days

For an individual looking to build upon their own piloting experience, it doesn’t get any better than this with the ability to go back and review what could have been done differently to avoid the crash, without having to spend countless dollars and hours fixing and repairing the real RC planes that mean more.

best rc planes simulator from realflight

With the physics engine that is built into the simulation, pilots can test out different aspects from different planes. That means if an RC pilot feels like they are ready to take a step up in challenge, they can test out what a future purchase might do in the simulation. Different RC planes have different challenges associated with them, and it's better to take a test drive in a simulation than waste hundreds of dollars in a future purchase because the pilot didn’t understand multi-rotor procedures.

One of the fun things within the simulation happens to be the collision detector. With each collision, a sense of realism sinks in that encourages each simulation user to improve upon their mistakes. A simple over-correction might have caused a rough landing, or a failed take off. Making mistakes within the simulation is one of the most cost-effective methods of saving money in the real world, as you don’t have to go out and purchase a whole new RC plane because you split it in half.

Makes Training Fun

One great feature that we’ve continued to hone in on with the RealFlight RF 7.5 Simulation is that it makes training fun. There are a host of ways to make engaging challenges fun with their built-in games or exercises that can build upon any experience level. One of the things that really makes each flight interesting is the fact that the user can dictate what they’d like for different environments.

This means that individuals can make presets as to how difficult certain environments and conditions are, to better prepare the RC pilot for different challenges. One great feature is that you don’t have to constantly do the same thing over and over again if you don’t want to. Perhaps you’d like to get better at take-offs and landings. The simulation will let you work on those things, using real life physics and environmental challenges to make your outdoor RC piloting experience the best it can possibly be.

Pros and Cons​

Things We Liked

  • Over 140 Different Aircraft To Practice On
  • Different Flying Exploration Sites That Make Each Flight Dynamic and Engaging
  • Challenges That Build Upon Previous Skills
  • Real Physics and Environment Settings
  • Great Renderings of Planes
  • Reset and Rewind Feature Helps Improve Different Errors For Different Situations
  • Tons of Features That Other Competitors Simply Don’t Have
  • Multiplayer Options
  • Free Updates

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Confusion On What Type of Updates Come with Basic Software, As Some Expansion Packs Are Offered

Additional Information

The RealFlight RF7.5 R/C Flight SimulatorSimulator can be purchased from different places one of them is Amazon. It comes at a more premium price than some of the other RC simulators on the market, but RealFlight’s RC plane simulator provides the most up to date, accurate simulation for RC pilots within the industry. Whether it is their long list of RC planes, dynamic physics engines, unique partnerships to provide the most realistic experience or the hours of fun, it doesn’t get much better than RealFlight’s simulator. Spending the extra money on the best RC planes simulator software available will help save countless dollars in repair bills from the amount of mistakes that could be made otherwise.

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