Best RC Motorcycle You Need To Know About Before You Buy

The best RC motorcycle combines the best aspects of speed, balance and maneuverability. The most high-tech versions use gyroscopes to keep the motorcycles upright, so there’s no need for extra wheels on the sides.

We understand that there are so many choices and price ranges as you try to narrow down the best RC bike for your needs. As technology improved over the past few years, this hobby has really taken off for motorcycle enthusiasts.





kyosho dani pedrosa rc motorcycle

Kyosho Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda

top race 4 channel rc motorcycle

Top Race 4 Channel RC Motorcycle - Youth and Kids Choice

kyosho honda nsr500 best rc motorcycle

​Kyosho Radio Control Honda NSR500 - Budget Choice

skyrc sr5 best rc motorcycle

Xiangtat SKYRC SR5 RC Motocycle - Best RC Motorcycle

Best RC Motorcycle Product Summaries

Today, after days of research, our list for best RC motorcycle contain Xiangtat SKYRC SR5, Top Race four-channel street bike, Kyosho Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda, and the Kyosho Radio Control Honda NSR500.

Xiangtat is the biggest, brightest and best of this bunch overall, but we’ll get into why in just a moment. At ¼ scale, it is the largest scale model type available. It has a customizable setting for the engine, it stays upright very well and it’s a top performer.

Both Kyosho models are also very good in terms of a creating a great experience for enthusiasts. These high-quality machines are ready to race when you take them out of the package. These racers zip around easily despite their small size.

Top Race has a good model for street racing. It stays upright and moves quickly on uneven terrain.

Reviews of The Best RC Motorcycle Choices Today

Let’s examine the top four choices for the best RC motorcycle you can buy.

kyosho dani pedrosa rc motorcycle

Kyosho’s Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda RC212V is as small as an RC bike can get. It’s just 1/18 scale, and it zips along a floor or other smooth surface easily, so long as there are no impediments to the bike’s progress.

If you just want a small taste of this hobby, the Kyosho Dani Pedrosa is the way to go. Unfortunately, this will still cost you some money compared to other RC toys. That’s because it still has a good gyro system and motor.

This model comes ready to race out of the package. There’s no assembly, and all you do is charge the battery, add batteries to the remote, and you’re off to the races.

The only optimizing you get comes from two switches that change the RPMs and stability factors. Other than that, you get to race it according to factory specs.

The Video below shows how the bike works. It’s a great toy for indoors and for younger children just starting out with this intriguing hobby.

Things We Like

  • Ease of use
  • No assembly required
  • Fast for its size

Things We Don’t Like

  • Pricey for the size
  • Lack of customizing options

Top Race 4 Channel RC Motorcycle - Youth and Kids Choice

top race 4 channel rc motorcycle

Top Race’s four-channel remote control motorcycle is a good street bike for the size. At 1/10 scale, you get a zippy device that moves quickly along the pavement. Even though it’s designed as a street racer, it can still handle the occasional bumps or divots in the road.

This has a dual construction of metal and plastic, with anti-skid tires. The tires are thick enough to handle wear and tear for many races.

The gyroscope keeps this machine upright. However, there are two stabilizers on either side of the remote control motorcycle that maintain balance when it leans over too far in the turns. That means you never have to worry about this bike falling completely over.

LEDs on the front and back give the bike a realistic look. The driver on top also adds to the realism, although these features are more cosmetic in nature.

The four-channel remote control is a good thing to have in case there is interference from other bikes in the race. Tweak your transmission frequency to get optimum results.

As you can see in the video below, Top Race knows how to make this model go fast while keeping things simple. The remote control motorcycle zips around this area making good right and left turns while maintaining its upright position on uneven surfaces.

Things We Like

  • Price, perfect for beginners
  • Ease of use
  • Four-channel transmitter
  • Easy charging with USB cable

Things We Don’t Like

  • Remote control is a little flimsy
  • Batteries not included for the remote (4 AA)
kyosho honda nsr500 best rc motorcycle

Kyosho’s RC Honda NSR500 is a midway point between smaller bikes and the largest RC bikes you can buy At ⅛ scale, you have plenty of options for customizing, and the manufacturer adds several enhancements to keep this best remote control motorcycle in top shape.

A linkage system moves the rider from side to side to help maintain the best overall balance for the motorcycle. This makes the model appear realistic while providing better control.

The twin tubes of the engine frame allow for air cooling to occur. This reduces the motor’s temperature and helps it to last longer.

Rather than extra stabilizers sticking out from the sides, this gadget uses the motorcycle rider itself to keep the machine from leaning all the way over. It’s an ingenious way to add a touch of realism with some physics.

This video below shows just how maneuverable this baby is on the pavement. Take this for a spin to do some tight figure-8s to get some practice before racing. The turns and controls on this machine are at the top of the line.

What We Like

  • Maneuverability
  • Great controls
  • Advanced features
  • Price

What We Don’t Like

  • Decals wear off after a while

Xiangtat SKYRC SR5 RC Motocycle - Best RC Motorcycle

skyrc sr5 best rc motorcycle

Xiantat’s SKYRC SR5 ¼-scale super rider RC motorcycle is one of the best you can purchase simply because of the customizable options and the durable construction. The chassis are made of anodized aluminum, while the driver is metal chain. This model also has a front and rear shock absorber.

You can customize the RPMs generated by the engine. Slower RPMs work for beginners, while faster RPMs are better for advanced enthusiasts. As we said earlier, the larger-scale models have better ways to customize your experience.

This product contains a gyro effect governor that helps keep this model upright when it’s in motion. The patented electronic stability system maintains an upright posture for the bike, even if it flips over or lands on its side. This video below shows the Xiangtat SR5 in action, and it really shows how this is a candidate for the best remote control motorcycle on the planet.

This is a dirt bike, so it’s optimized for digging into loose sand and going over small jumps. It can even pull a 360-degree flip with the right elevation on a jump.

Things We Like

  • Customizable RPMs
  • Extremely stable as it moves
  • Great maneuverability in the dirt
  • Very fast

Things We Don’t Like

  • Battery ships separately
  • Pricey, but worth every penny for an experienced hobbyist

Overall Guidelines to Finding the Best RC Motorcycle

There are plenty of options on the market today for people who want to investigate this fascinating hobby. You can go with a simple, smaller remote control motorcycle just to get a feel for these types of toys. That way, you don’t spend a huge sum of money just to find out this hobby isn’t for you.

On the other hand, you can purchase a larger-scale model that has a ton of great features and benefits for someone who truly loves this avocation. A larger model has a faster engine, more options for tweaking the motor and better ways to customize the device. The best remote control motorcycle for someone who really wants to get into these machines is clearly a larger variety.

Some RC versions are ¼ scale, while others go all the way down to as small as 1/18 scale. The best RC motorcycle comes from the larger scale, which means a lower number. The ¼-scale RC motorcycle indicates that the toy is one-fourth the size of an actual motorcycle, while 1/18 scale is smaller at 1/18 the size of a motorcycle.

Typically, a 1/10 size scale model means one inch on the model equals 10 inches in real life. As you can imagine, smaller engines and smaller parts mean you have less opportunities to tweak things on your remote control motorcycle. That’s because the engine parts are much smaller and much harder to see.

You can also choose between street bikes and dirt bikes. Dirt bikes are meant for racing on scale versions of dirt tracks, while street bikes work on pavement. You can tell a dirt bike from a street bike thanks to the types of tires on each type.


The SKYRC SR5 and the Kyosho Honda NSR500 tie for the top spot on this review. We love that both machines have great maneuverability, customizable engines and overall better performance than other models.

The racing is very realistic, and you have complete control over every aspect of these remote control motorcycles. One is for dirt and one is for street, so you can buy one of each if you need them for different purposes.

The advanced features make both of these buys a worth purchase for the best RC motorcycle. It’s up to you if you want one for street racing or dirt racing. Either choice tops our list.

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