What is the Best RC Helicopters for Beginners? THE ANSWER

If you’re looking to get into the remote controlled helicopter realm there are a lot of products and advertisements that could sway you one way or the other.

It is difficult to truly determine which RC helicopter is the best candidate for beginners due to all of the various things that might cloud a clear winner. A good RC helicopter for beginners should introduce remote controlled devices to all ages, and offer simplicity in almost every available category.

Whether it is simplicity in cleaning, maintaining, charging, safety in operation, travel, or customizing, the best RC helicopter for a beginner should do all of those things.

This article will help to showcase some of the best RC helicopters for beginners in 2018 so that you can make an informed decision that will help you get started on a wonderful hobby that everyone can enjoy.

Review of Best RC Helicopter for Beginners in 2018 

Evolve 300 CX RTF By Innovative Flight Technologies (IFT)

Evolve 300 CX RTF By Innovative Flight Technologies (IFT) review for beginners

This RC Helicopter is produced by Innovative Flight Technologies and features an onboard collision avoidance system. In addition, the wonderful size of this RC helicopter makes it stand out from some of the other larger counterparts in the marketplace. This helicopter was modeled and engineered after the real life Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil.

While this RC helicopter is smaller in size to some of the larger RC helicopters in the marketplace, it is still one of the larger options available when compared to typical indoor micro helicopters.

The great feature of this helicopter is that it does come in a variety of purchase options, ready to fly and ready for receiver versions. These unique options allow both new and old customers an opportunity to pick this RC helicopter up and cater to their individual flight styles or experience.

As mentioned, this model does have the collision avoidance system, which helps for new beginner pilots to safely use this RC without having to worry about crashing it on their first go-around.

This powerful beginner RC helicopter is recommended for both indoor and outdoor usage, provided you have enough ample room to be safe without damaging anything. The stability, handling, size, and collision avoidance system make this one of the best RC helicopters for beginners.

Things We Liked

  • Medium Size
  • Ready To Fly
  • Receiver Purchase Options
  • Collision Avoidance System
  • Excellent Handling
  • Room For Growth

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Little Large For Indoor Use

Scout CX RTF 3-Channel Helicopter By Blade

Scout CX RTF 3-Channel Helicopter By Blade review for beginners

The Scout CX RTF 3-Channel Helicopter engineered by Blade is much smaller and more affordable than the first beginner RC helicopter on our list.

One of the most attractive features of this beginner RC helicopter is that it comes with an advanced 2.4 GHz radio controller that enables pilots to fly multiple RC helicopters at the same time.

This is one of the most unique features in RC helicopter pilot technology, as it showcases just how easy it is to pilot and maneuver this great system.

With no assembly required a beginner just has to charge and fly – as easy as it gets.

The size of this beginner RC helicopter really stands out, as it is no larger than the flight controller that it comes with. The small size of this helicopter is perfect for individuals looking to store it or travel to showcase their skills.

With a computerized gyro developed by Piezo, this pint-sized RC helicopter for beginners provides great directional control and stability that is hard to find in such small RC helicopters in the marketplace today.

Even though this beginner helicopter is smaller than some of the other options on our list, the handling isn’t sacrificed as it has a proportional rotor head servo that offers a smooth and precise control responses.

This pint-sized RC helicopter is recommended for indoor use only. This is a great RC helicopter for beginners who are looking to see if the RC realm is for them.

Things We Liked

  • Ready To Fly (RTR) Option
  • No Assembly Required
  • Smooth Control

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Indoor Use Only
  • Strictly For Beginners

MCX2 RTF By Blade

MCX2 rc helicopters for beginners

This second rendition of the MCX helicopter manufactured by Blade above simply improves upon the features that made the first model so great. This helicopter, just like its predecessor, is capable of flight by anyone and can go anywhere.

The small size allows for easy transportation, maneuverability, handling, storage, and entry into the realm of remote controlled helicopters is perfect for beginners.

One of the main differences from the first rendition in our list is that this model enables the user to select different swash sensitivity and has flashing LED lights that were engineered into the body.

Some of the user controlled settings allow for the pilot to change the helicopter to perform at various speeds either faster or slower for beginners.

Another upgrade over the previous model is that the MCX2 RTF features a more powerful set of motors and a larger battery pack. Just like the first model, this RC helicopter for beginners is perfect for those looking to find a helicopter that offers great stability, maneuverability, and extreme durability for those who might make a few mistakes here and there.

Just like the predecessor, this helicopter is no larger than the controller it comes with and is perfect for individuals looking to have an entry level RC helicopter. This upgraded version of the MCX RTF RC helicopter is recommended for indoor usage only and no assembly required.

Things We Liked

  • Ready To Fly Option
  • No Assembly Required
  • Smooth Cotrol 
  • Speed Control
  • Swash Sensitivity
  • LED Light Control

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Strictly For Beginners
  • Indoor Use Only

Chronos CX 100 By Ares

Chronos CX 100 By Ares review for beginners

This nifty RC helicopter is one of the coolest RC helicopters to hit the marketplace in recent years. With the advent of drones, Ares has taken a step forward in the remote controlled realm by offering an RC helicopter that can take photos and videos all in one compact device.

The unique feature of this RC helicopter is that it comes standard with a factory-installed digital camera that can be easily operated with a simple click of the button on the controller it comes with for piloting.

Each beginner pilot can record up to ninety (90) minutes of video and upwards of hundreds of pictures on the 2GB micro memory card that comes with it.

The controller used to operate this nifty RC helicopter shows a backlit LCD screen, a 4 channel transmitter, and has selectable control modes.

Just slightly longer in length than the hand-held controller it comes with, this RC helicopter is great for beginners who are looking to have an RC helicopter that not only provides hours of entertainment but the ability to capture that entertainment as well.

A much more affordable option when compared to drones that film video, this RC helicopter is perfect for individuals looking to purchase and fly right away. With no assembly required, this beginner RC helicopter is ready to fly at a moment’s notice.

Things We Liked

  • Small Size
  • Ready To Fly Option
  • No Assembly Required
  • Smooth Control 
  • Video And Picture Control

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Needs Larger Memory Card That Comes Stock

CX3 MD 520N Coaxial RC Helicopter By Blade

CX3 MD 520N Coaxial RC Helicopter By Blade review for beginners

This beginner RC helicopter manufactured by Blade, modeled after a police scheme is one beginner helicopter you won’t want to miss out on. As a coaxial helicopter, meaning that the RC helicopter itself does not have any tail rotor, it provides great stability and maneuverability for its unique design.

Blade outdid themselves when they were designing the style of this unique helicopter, as it mirrors police helicopters around the world with ease. Whether it is down to the unique foot pegs or the decals on the side, it’s hard to fathom that this is an RC helicopter and not just a miniaturized version of its real-life counterpart.

The three-in-one control unit features a great mixture of stability and maneuverability to operate the yaw control and gyro functions. This RC helicopter also comes with a ready to fly five channel transmitter, whereas the blind and fly version does not come with a JR DSM2 or Spektrum radio.

While this CX3 model has most of the same inner-workings as its lesser models of the CX and CX2, it still packs a powerful punch that any beginner can enjoy. While the maneuverability is good, the coaxial functionality does sacrifice some of the sharp twists and turns that Blade features in their other models.

With minimal assembly required (depending on which version you get), this product is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.

This entry level RC helicopter is perfect for those individuals looking to get their feet wet, and look stylish doing so.

Things We Liked

  • Small Size
  • Ready To Fly Option
  • No Assembly Required
  • Beautiful Styling

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Decent Flight Control

Introduction to RC Helicopter Buying Guide

​You may think that picking out the right RC helicopter may be a simple process, but it is a lot more difficult than you think. In the last few years, the design, function, and market for RC helicopters has changed dramatically, and new innovations to RC helicopters are making them higher performing and more affordable than ever.

If this is your first time shopping for RC helicopters, the process can be really overwhelming with all of the types of helicopters, features, additions, and remotes that can come with your helicopter. That doesn’t even consider the fact that different types of RC helicopters fly and handle differently. Some can be easier to operate, but have less maneuverability where others have the maximum amount of maneuverability for tricks, stunts, and cornering, but are extremely difficult to fly.

So that you don’t have to navigate through the stubborn weeds of buying your first RC helicopter, we are going to help you out a little. You can consider this your crash-course in learning everything that you need to know about RC helicopters so that you can make the best purchase for your hobby, flying, or gifting needs. let's start our RC helicopter buying guide.

Things to keep in Mind Before Buying an RC Helicopter

Not all RC helicopters are created equal. In fact, there are some stark differences between the types of helicopters that you can purchase and what they can be used best for. The technology and science behind these helicopters has really advanced over the last few years, which has brought some really fun innovations and additions to the table.

Basically, electric RC helicopters can be broken down into three different categories which are coaxial, fixed pitch, and collective pitch.


Types of RC Helicopters

1) Coaxial

Coaxial RC Helicopter - RC helicopter Buying Guider

It is pretty standard with RC helicopters that they come with an overhead main rotor for power and a tail motor for control and changing directions. The coaxial helicopter is a little bit different than the conventional RC helicopter models in that it has two overhead rotors and no tail rotors. Some call this a dual rotor or contra-rotating helicopters.

The coaxials uses a counter torque force that is used by both of the overhead rotors rotating in the opposite direction. That allows the torque force of the blades to cancel out one other, giving the helicopter more balance and control in the air. This counterbalance of torque allows this helicopter to operate smoothly without the use of a tail blade, which means that it has one less channel that you need to learn how to use when learning how to fly.

The dual blades rotating in opposite directions make the coaxial RC helicopters by far some of the easiest to fly. Coaxial helicopters however and move forward with ease, so these helicopters are ideal for a beginner flyer. Unfortunately, the dual blades do not make this helicopter much for performance. They aren’t great for high speeds, hard banking turns, or any kind of advanced performance while flying.

Another plus is that most coaxial helicopters are ready to fly right out of the box, whereas many where as single rotor models can require additional parts or materials before you are able to fly it. These are definitely great helicopters for beginners.

2) Fixed Pitch

Fixed Pitch RC Helicopter - RC helicopter Buying Guider

Fixed pitch helicopters are like the advanced version of or the big brother of coaxial helicopters, and were, up until recently, really popular in the RC helicopter community. Since then there have been better models and new advancements in the RC helicopter world, which has enabled companies to make higher performing helicopters for even cheaper. Even though fixed pitch helicopters have fallen in popularity recently, they are still sold and they are still really solid beginner helicopters.

We will say that fixed pitch helicopters are significantly more difficult to fly than coaxial helicopters. Since these helicopters have a single blade and lack collective pitch, these helicopters are really difficult to maintain at a consistent altitude, and there appears to be a slight delay from the remote to the rotor. Collective pitch is what allows the helicopter to change altitude on real helicopters, but fixed pitch helicopters purely rely on the speed of the main rotor to elevate in altitude or lower themselves.

From having the single blade, these helicopters definitely have more of a handling capability than the coaxial helicopters, and area little more difficult to fly and control.

3) Collective Pitch

Collective Pitch RC Helicopter - RC helicopter Buying Guider

Collective pitch RC helicopters are the next step up from fixed pitch helicopters in terms of price, difficulty to control, and performance. These helicopters have a ton of mobility and can perform some really wild and intricate acrobatic tricks. Keep in mind as you read this that collective pitch helicopters take tons of hours and months of practice to master them.

These helicopters are well balanced and well oiled machines that could be considered more to be recreational aircraft than the could be considered toys. There are a ton of variables that make these helicopters really great for flying, but keep in mind that these RC helicopters can be very challenging to learn and master.

Not that you have been acquainted with the main types of RC helicopters, let’s take a look at some of the features that can come with your RC helicopter.

Number of Channels

The number of channels on your RC helicopter will vary with the complexity of the helicopter and the style that you buy. RC helicopter remotes send signals to the helicopter and the blades to tell it how to move. Each thing that you can do with your helicopter requires its own transmission channel.

The basic, beginner helicopters will have two channels that will move the helicopter in which one controls the speed of the rotor and the other allows the helicopter to turn. The more channels that the helicopter has, the more it can do and the harder the helicopter can be to control.

There are two main power supplies for RC helicopters which include glow fuel and battery power. Some will use turbine engines or gasoline, but glow fuel and batteries are much more common. Glow fuel helicopters are really powerful and have virtually no height limit for them, and they usually provide a flight time of 7-10 minutes.

Batteries are significantly easier to use, charge, are safer, and typically cheaper. Batteries usually allow you to fly for 4-12 minutes at a time depending on the model and size of the battery. Another major benefit to battery powered helicopters is that they are significantly quieter than glow fuel ones, so they are better for flying around congested areas.


RC Helicopter Parts - RC helicopter Buying Guider


If you are going to be looking for more advanced helicopters to fly, you are going to want to make sure that you can get replacement or additional parts for your helicopter. When you are learning in the beginning, you are going to be crashing a lot, which means that there are going to be parts on your helicopter that wear out faster, which you will need to replace.

If you are getting really into flying, you are going to want to make sure that your RC helicopter has upgradeable parts.

How The Helicopter is put together

RC helicopters come in a variety of different designs and materials that include plastic, reinforced plastic, aluminum, and carbon fiber. As we mentioned earlier, some helicopters come fully assembled, where others almost come as model kits that you get to construct on your own. If you are just starting to fly for the first time you want to make sure that your helicopter is made of something sturdy so that it can sustain some crashes.

Accessories And Additional Options for your Helicopter

If you are just planning on using the helicopter for flying and want to progress and get more advanced with your flying, you will definitely want to make sure that your helicopter has upgradeable parts. You may plan on using your helicopter for photography later on, and in that case you will want to make sure that your RC helicopter has the appropriate attachments so that you can mount a camera on it.

Notes Before Buying

At this point you have a really good idea of the types of RC helicopters that are out there and what they have to offer. When you are shopping around for your helicopter, you need to keep in mind what you are going to use it for and where you are going to use it. Here are some of the questions that you may want to ask yourself.

  • Is this helicopter for indoor use or outdoor use?
  • Do you want a helicopter as a toy for casual, and fun flying?
  • Do you want an advanced helicopter so that you can learn how to do advanced maneuvers and tricks?
  • How often are you planning on flying your helicopter?
  • Which of the above helicopter types sounds the most appealing to you in terms of style and performance?

The next thing that we would recommend after you decide the type of plane that you are interested in and what you are going to use it for selecting a budget for what you are willing to spend on a helicopter.


There are many various RC helicopters available in today’s marketplace, and it can sometimes be difficult figuring out which one is the best. In this article, we outlined some of the best RC helicopters for beginners and talked about how each one differs from another.

Selecting the best RC helicopter for yourself will come down to the size dimensions you’re looking for, engine size, maneuverability, extra features, previous experience, preference for indoor or outdoor usage, storage space, travel opportunities, and whether or not styling is important to you. See this guide to learn more.

Some of the helicopters in our listing allow room for growth in experience, while others are just for beginners only. Some of the RC helicopters are more affordable and will enable you to have more room for determining whether or not this is a hobby you’re willing to get into.

It is important to take everything into consideration when selecting the remote controlled helicopter for you, but the ones listed are undoubtedly some of the best RC helicopters for beginners.

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