Best RC Car Brands You Need To Look For In 2017

There are so many different RC car brands available today in the large remote controlled vehicle industry. The great thing for consumers is that all of these brands are competing amongst each other for market share, which means that they are competing in several different areas within each industry. These RC brands are competing to gain the largest market share, and in order to do so, they have to impress consumers by providing a large selection of remote controlled vehicles, the latest and greatest technology available, back-end customer support, and additional accessories for consumers. As a result of so many great companies competing to be the best brand, we have compiled some of the best RC car brands available and some facts about each.


Traxxas Logo best rc car brands

Arguably the most popular and well-known brand in the remote controlled vehicle world is Traxxas. Traxxas has arguably one of the largest selections of RC vehicles in the industry, with their products ranging from boats, planes/drones, cars, and trucks. Traxxas is best known for their products that make headlines as some of the most reliable and revolutionary RC cars on the market today. Just like our first entry, HPI Racing, Traxxas continues to push the industry forward with some of their engineering feats.

Traxxas has taken the racing themed innovation mindset and pushed it beyond expectations, as they boast some of the fastest RC vehicles in every category available. In contrast to our first listing of best RC car brands, Traxxas only has a few selections of Nitro RC Cars, but boast some of the fastest electric RC cars on the market.

Best Remote Controlled Cars- XO-1

One of their most famous RC cars that have made headlines recently is the Traxxas XO-1. This beast of an RC car can reach speeds of over 100 mph in under five seconds. Faster than some real life automobiles, Traxxas made it clear that they didn’t want just to claim they were a race-minded company, they wanted to build products that would have speeds and handling to match those claims. Traxxas is a well-known brand for individuals with plenty of experience in the RC realm, as they have a high difficulty level.

Things We Like From Traxxas

  • Large Selection of All RC Vehicles
  • Pioneer of New RC Advancements
  • Race-Speed Engineered

Things We Don’t Like From Traxxas:

  • High Skill Gap
  • Prices Are High

Axial Racing

axial logo best remote control car brands

Axial Racing has really established themselves as a contender in two segments of the RC industry. They have established themselves as a reliable producer of great RC cars with their vehicles, and one of the best accessory/modification parts distributor for the RC industry as well. Their back-end support with their additional accessories that allow consumers to customize their RC cars to their individual use and personality really established Axial Racing as one of the best RC car companies available today.

Axial Racing made it very clear that they wanted to do away with some of the notions that existed within the RC industry as they wanted to solve two problems: 1.) Parts were difficult to find, 2.) RC cars allowed for limited modifications. Before Axial Racing pushed the boundaries of the industry, there were limitations as to how many parts were available for back-end support, and how customizable each RC car was. Axial Racing changed this, as they engineered the cars to have interchangeable parts, hardware, and emphasized that through their RC cars anything could be possible with the right pairing of parts.

Axial Wraith SpawnRock Racer

One of the most popular RC cars from Axial Racing is the AX90045 Wraith Spawn 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD RTR. This performance packed RC car from Axial was made famous with their nearly bulletproof axles that can tackle any obstacle you throw this great machine at.

Things We Like From Axial Racing

  • Customizability of RC Vehicles
  • Durable Construction
  • Lots of Back-End Support and Accessories

Things We Don’t Like From Axial Racing

  • Limited Product Selection Compared To Competitors

Team Losi

team LOSI best remote control brand

Team Losi has one of the largest arrays of product selections available. They go from beginner entry level products, all the way to some of the most premiere racing RC cars available today – and their prices reflect that. One of the greatest things that have really separated themselves as a great RC car brand is the fact that they have made it their mission to provide great products, great accessories, and helpful back-end customer support to help grow the RC vehicle industry. Whether it is their superb renowned customer support, or their helpful articles, videos, and guides on their website, it is clear that Team Losi’s mission is to help grow the RC industry.

Team Losi really made an impact and became one of the best RC car brands in the marketplace when they wanted to take what it meant to be an RC vehicle developer further. They didn’t want to just create exceptionally engineered RC vehicles, they wanted to make sure that the customers of their products understood what they were getting. Losi’s website is something that all other competitors within the RC industry should strive for, as they help potential customers explore their options with different vehicles and builds. As a result of their extra effort for exceptional customer service, Team Losi has separated themselves as one of the most trustworthy and reliable RC car brands available.

Team Losi 8Ight 4.0 4WD Nitro Buggy Race Kit

One of their greatest RC cars available is the 8IGHT 4.0 Race Kit: 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy. One of their champion models that they take to premiere RC racing events, this fourth generation legacy of their previous championship winner models continues to build upon the great legacy that Losi is known for.

Things We Like From Team Losi

  • Exceptional Customer Support and Service
  • Well Known Championship Builds

Things We Don’t Like From Team Losi

  • Relative Newcomer Into The Marketplace

HPI Racing

HPI RACING remote control car brands

HPI Racing is known for their racing engineered behemoths of RC vehicles. A company that set out to advance the industry through racing endeavors which garnered much attention for them in the early days of the company. Their racing division has helped push the RC genre into the future, as some of their early advancements in technology would later become the standard for other RC vehicle companies.

Known for their wide selection of RC cars, HPI Racing has made it a point to have products that are extremely durable no matter their intended use, with race-like performance for beginners to advanced users. The one thing that really separates HPI Racing from some of the other companies on our list is that they have a wide array of different types of RC Cars, as they specialize products from Nitro Off-Road to Gas On-Road builds.

HPI Racing 106130 RTR Sprint 2 Sport Skylon

Arguably one of their best and most known products is the 106130 RTR Sprint 2 Sports Skylon. With some inspiration from real world automotive counterparts, this race engineered RC vehicle is one of the most popular vehicles from HPI Racing, and it’s easy to see why with its superior handling and durability that the company is so widely known for.

Things We Like From HPI Racing

  • Durability of Products
  • Forefront of Innovation
  • Wide Array of RC Cars

Things We Don’t Like From HPI Racing:

  • Some Products Need Improvements To Match Competitors

Team Associated

team Associated

Team Associated is well known for their championship RC cars. They have really established themselves as one of the greatest RC car brands on the market today as they have really made a commitment to producing racing engineered RC vehicles that compete for championships every race. With tens of championships under their belt, only a few other companies on our list of best RC car brands can really compete with this company.

Team Associated’s exceptional commitment to racing really shines throughout their entire company, as they provide customers with additional support and setups for builds to have their customers win their own individual races with their superior RC cars.

Team Associated RC10 B6 2WD Min-Motor Team Buggy Kit

Each RC car engineered by Team Associated is built for affordability and different race setups. One of the best RC car kits available from them is the RC10B6 Team Kit. This racing RC car is perfect for different traction settings and unique customization options at an affordable race price. With a championship under its belt, this is one of the best entry-level products for those looking to get into RC cars that have superior performance.

Things We Like From Team Associated

  • Race Like Performance Vehicles At An Affordable Price
  • Championship Performances For Almost Every RC Vehicle They Produce

Things We Don’t Like From Team Associated

  • Hard to Discern Experience Levels Needed For Their Products

Redcat Racing

redcat brand logo

Redcat has one of the largest selections available for RC vehicles. Their RC cars come in a host of different sizes: 1/24th, 1/18th, 1/16th, 1/10th, 1/8th, and Larger scales. One of the greatest things about Redcat is that they wanted to make RC cars for every single potential customer, no matter their experience level. Some companies on our list cater to certain target markets and their experience level, but Redcat caters to all experience levels: beginner to experienced. As such, their product line reflects their philosophy as a company.

Redcat Racing EPX Drift

One of their most popular products that are loved by RC car enthusiasts is the Lightning EPX Drift. This Brushed RC car at a 1/10th scale is one of the best RC car offerings from Redcat. Redcat set out to create a great RC car that could drive as well sideways as it does backwards and forwards, and they accomplished their mission with the Drift. One of the most entertaining and fun RC cars available today, Redcat has a bright future ahead of them.

Things We Like From Redcat

  • Large Selection of RC Cars
  • Difficulties Ranging From Beginner To Experienced
  • Large Selection of Price Range

Things We Didn’t Like From Redcat

  • Average Built RC Cars – Not a Lot of Advancement In Technology


Maisto Logo

Maisto has become one of the premier RC car companies with their uniquely designed licensed RC vehicles. Products ranging from cars, trucks, and motorcycles all grace their large catalog of licensed RC vehicles. Maisto takes a step back from some of the other competitors on our listing of best RC car brands, as they focus more on accurate depictions of their larger real-life counterparts through their licensed deals.

Corvette Stingray Z51 Diecast Vehicle

One of the best products available by Maisto is their licensed RC car: 2014 Corvette Stingray Z51. This extremely detailed RC car has almost every bell and whistle that you would find in the larger version in a miniaturized version. Whether it’s the spring suspension or the highly detailed wheels, this RC car from Maisto will leave every collector wanting more from their catalog of licensed RC cars.

Things We Like From Maisto

  • Extremely Accurate Licensed RC Cars
  • good for Kids and Beginners to start RC world
  • Low budget RC Cars

Things We Didn’t Like From Maisto

  • Products Are More Collector Pieces Instead of Hobby Items
  • Don’t Use Latest and Greatest Technology
  • Products Feel Like They Should Remain On Shelves


There are so many great RC car brands available in the marketplace today, and it can be hard to decipher which ones are the best. We have outlined some of the great benefits and drawbacks from some of the best RC car brands available, some of their most popular RC car models, and the thing each company is well known for. Knowing what a company is best known for, and why they one of the best RC car brands will help inform potential purchases and the kind of support one would receive after deciding to go with a reliable company.

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