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Ultimate Guide to How Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Works

Almost every single remote controlled vehicle has electronic speed controllers. Knowing how these electronic speed controllers work is very important so that you may make more informed purchasing decisions, handle your RC vehicles better, and have an in-depth understanding of what makes your remote controlled vehicle perform the way it does.Understanding how electronic speed controllers […]

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Traxxas Summit Review – The Amazing RC Car

Product Traxxas Summit Summery Traxxas produces some of the most powerful and remarkable remote controlled vehicles in the marketplace today, and they have done so again with the Traxxas Summit. Arguably the most versatile all-terrain performance machine available when it comes to RC vehicles, this behemoth stops at nothing when it comes to providing extreme […]

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How to Paint RC Car Body Like a Pro

Painting your RC car is a unique way to add that extra bit of customization to make your remote controlled car extra special, and enable it to stand out amongst the other similar looking RC vehicles on a daily basis. Painting your remote controlled body lid can be daunting at first, because most people have […]

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All that you need to know about RC cars batteries

There are several different kinds of RC cars batteries that are required to operate a remote controlled vehicle. With each different battery, there comes a host of considerations that need to be considered when choosing battery for your RC Vehicle exactly same when choosing Motorcycle Battery for you bike or finding ATV battery to buy […]

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Brushed vs brushless motor: Which is best for you

There are several key differences between a brushed and brushless motor. Knowing the differences between the two will help to make you a more informed buyer when you decide you want to purchase a remote controlled vehicle.Different RC vehicles all have different engine variations. With each unique variation comes a host of concerns like maintenance, […]

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