The 74 Best Drones Website for Drone Enthusiast in 2017

As 2016 reach an end and with a lot of things going on in drones world, from New Regulation to new invention, keeping up with the Drone world is difficult. To help you out, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best drone sites in 2017 that you can follow to quench your thirst for drones.

But How did we rank them??

We rank them according to Domain authority to remove any possible of biasing.

So If you are drone enthusiast, then here is the list containing best drones website in 2017.

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best drone website

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DIY drones

This is the biggest drones website. You can find all information about latest news and updates. And you can share information with the follow drones enthusiasts. Also, you can find all new upcoming companies in the blog page. 

Diy drones website


This is a social media website for all drone-related photo. You can share all your photo or video that you take with your Drone.

Dronestagr also has a contest for best photos taking by drones. 


sUAS News

sUAS News is a leading news and information source for drones and all unmanned aviation vehicles. The website which is created in 2008 is your primary source of news related to drones.

sUAS news

Drone Journalism Lab

The Drone Journalism Lab is part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Its Operations Manual is your guide to using drones to do journalism. It provides guidance and checklists to professionalize your operations.

Drone Journalism lab

The Drone Racing League

DRL is the premier drone racing league. A sports and media company, DRL combines world-class pilots, iconic locations, and proprietary technology to create engaging drone racing content with mass appeal. Here a video about DRL races 


Drone Life is produced and maintained by industry professionals who work to provide Drone news and coverage worldwide about all things in Drone world.

drone life

UAV Expo

Commercial UAV Expo is leading trade show and conference for the commercial drone market in the US. You can find the latest invention, news and be updated with the latest in drones world.

Commercial UAV EXPO


Skyward is the best-in-class operations management platform for commercial drone operators.


Drone Adventures

Drone Adventures is a non-profit organization. They see drones as a powerful and exciting tool that can be used to make the world a better place. Their goal is to demonstrate and promote the great potential of drones to protect our planet and support local communities. And here their journal. 

Drone adventures

Drone Analyst

Skylogic Research is a research, content, and advisory services firm supporting all participants in the commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industry. The help buyers and investors with their decision regarding UAS. And Here some of their research in drone world (

Drone analyst

UAV Coach

UAV Coach

UAV Coach was built by Alan, an FAA-certified drone pilot. And it's one of biggest drone community. This fantastic blog offers a lot of news and advice, and one of best article is how to fly a drone 

UAS Magazine

UAS Magazine is a quarterly publication, exclusively highlighting the most critical developments and cutting-edge technologies for unmanned aerial systems in the civil, agriculture, defense and commercial markets worldwide.

UAS magazine

Small UAV Coalition

The Small UAV Coalition is a partnership of leading consumer and technology companies who believe that research, development, production, and application of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will benefit consumers in all walks of life.

Small UVA



If you have Drones and like to get paid then, this website is your destination. They help you reach with customers looking for UAV to shoots and take photos of their projects. Here is a link to registration page. (

Geospatial Solutions

Geospatial Solutions provides breaking news and features from their editorial staff and other industry experts, engaging application case studies, and news on the use of geographic information systems (GIS).

Geospatial sulotions

Inside Unmanned Systems

If you like to know what going on on drones world, then this is your destination. Inside Unmanned System provide all information about this world including news and analysis of key technologies

inside unmanned system

DRAT Drones

DARTdrones is the national leader in drone training, consultation, and expert support for new drone pilots. Thier mission is to provide the highest quality training on Unmanned Aerial Systems to ensure the safe integration of drones into the national airspace. Here are their courses 

dart drones

Rotor Drone Magazine

This is one of the top magazines that cover drones and UAV. You will find reviews, information, and news about the latest in Drones world.

rotor drone

The UAV Digest

If you are a busy guy and don't have time to read everything about drones, then The UAV Digest is your destination. The UAV Digest do a Weekly Podcast that covers the unmanned aerial vehicles and systems.

the uav digest

Drone Fly

Dronefly emerging media in 2012 with a goal of creating an online store where it's focused on the coolest drones and accessories

Drone fly

Drone Industry Insights

Drone Industry Insights provide insights, competitive intelligence and market data for the commercial drone industry. That help companies and individuals with their business decision making.


That Drones Show

That Drone Show is a corporation to help create annual events about drones like races and Expo. And they have show Episodes to talk about drones. Also, they have produced a documentary about drones history Called the drone invasion. 

the drone show

The Drone Girl

the drone girl

One of the best drone blogs run by drone journalist Sally. It was created with "the intent of exploring drones and how they can assist the world via the imagery they produce." Sally is a public speaker in many seminars and shows about drones.

My First Drone

my first drone

My First Drone is an emerging media company that helps people learn how to build, buy, and fly UAV aircraft and drones. Here is one of their guide to built a drone (

Drones Etc


Drones ETC is one of the biggest marketplaces for drones. In their website, you will find latest drones and spare parts for your drone.

Drone 360 Magazine

As they told it better " THE complete resource for anyone interested in the ways that unmanned aerial vehicles — as a business, as a hobby, as a passion — are shaping our world."

drone 360


One of best Blogs out there about Drones and UAV. You can find tips, How to, latest news, reviews and many other things related to drones. Also, they have a Spanish version of their website.


UAV Expert News

UAV Expert News is a leading source of the latest news, information, and education on drones. They curate UAV content from around the world to spread the good word about drones and UAV technology

drone expert news


FPV racing

FPVRACING TV is an online community hub for FPV racing. They connect Drones enthusiast with each other for races. You can join their community from here. 

Drone Blog

This website is one of my favorite drone blog. They write on many different topics related to drones. Also, they give the opportunity to other drones fan to share opinion by writing for Drone Blog.

drone blog

Unmanned Aerial Online

Unmanned Aerial Online is your destination for news, analysis and thought leadership about the commercial and civil unmanned aerial vehicle sector. They cover limitless applications for unmanned aerial systems like fire/rescue, agriculture, land surveying, wildlife management, real estate, visual arts and utility management.

unmanned aerial

Drone Flyers

Drone Flyers is a drone blog where you will find information about how to fly and what drone to buy for beginner and intermediate drone pilots. They focus on a hobby, toy, and consumer models. Here is their drone guide for beginners.

drone flyers

Jamie Brightmore

jamie brightmore

Jamie Brightmore is a professional filmmaker who specializes in aerial photography and videography. On his blog, he shares his experience and his work. Check his blog for some inspiration 

Fly Safe

flysafe training

FLY SAFE is a company that holds Certificate UAV training events around the US. They operate under the rule of "safe operators are successful operators."

Drone Pilot Ground School

drone pilot ground school

Drone Pilot Ground School is created by UAV Coach website owner. This site helps drone pilot pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test. They provide online course and practice exam to help drone pilot pass the exam.

Drone RSS

drone rss

Drone RSS is a website contains all drone sources around the web. If you don't have time to go from one site to other than this is your place. You will find all drone news and articles from different blogs on their website. is an independent source for the drone, RC drones, RC aircraft industry news, and information. Also, they try to help others with RC and drone-related support questions and projects

drones org

Drone Trest

Drone Trest is a form connect the drone enthusiast with each other to share tips and solve problems between them. If you have an issue with your drone, try to find a solution in this blog.

drone trest

From Where I Drone

from where i drone

This is one of the best blogs to learn and see how professionals use their drone to take a professional photo and video. From Where I drone is a blog created by Dirk Dallas to share his experience and inspire others. Here is the best place to start reading this blog 

Drone Radio Show

If you don't have time to read drones blog, then you need to check this website. Randy Goers, the owner of Drone Radio Show, has a weekly Podcast where he discusses stories about drones and how people use them for business, enjoyment or in their day to day life.

the drone show

Drone View technology

DroneView Technologies is drone services company, which works with enterprise customers throughout the United States to collect, process and extract real value out of aerial data.

drone view tech

Drone Globe

Drone Globe was created in 2015 with a target to help Drone fan with the latest news, reviews, buying guides and flying tips.

drones globe

Personal Drone

Personal Drone is a blog that according to them "quest toward the perfect quadcopter or multirotor for aerial video and personal flying freedom and a permanent survey on the latest quadcopter news and multirotor news."

personal drone

Drone Above

DroneAbove is a website created by Justin Edwards. He built this site with a target to push boundaries of action drone photography.

drone above

The Drone News

The Drone News provide you with articles and videos about UAV, UAS, Drones, FPV, Fixed Wing, Multirotor and other drone-related technologies.

the drone news

The Drone CO.

The Drone Company is a CAA licensed UK drone operator. They have very skilled pilot with a target to capture dynamic content to add great production value.

the drone co

Drone Universities

Drone Universities has a one and two-day drone university courses where you learn everything from basic drone concepts to excellent aerial photography, GIS/Mapping programs and even help you achieve you Light Sports Aircraft Certificate.

drone universties

Drone Nodes

Drone Nodes is an online platform that brings together experts in start-ups, business, drone research, and education from across the globe.

drone nodes

Teeny Drone

This is one of a new company which has the teeniest drone available in the market. Here is a link to one of their product feature 

teeny drones

Quad Hanger

Quad Hanger one of the websites that created by two remote control expert. This site provides information about buying guides, reviews, and news about Drones.

quad hanger


DroneZon website contains drone technology, knowledge, latest drone news, drone reviews, and best drone videos of amazing scenery from around the globe. Also, they have an excellent aerial photography and cinematography tips which will help you immensely.

drone zon

Drone Detector

Founded in July 2014 by Zain Noboulsi, Drone Lab offers you a complete drone detection solution. Drone Labs strives to serve you with the best service and best drone detection technology that will ensure your protection

drone detector

Oscar Liang

Oscar Liang, a multicopter FPV enthusiast dedicated to multirotor and FPV which involves build logs, tutorials, DIY hacks, and product reviews.

If you want to learn how to built it by yourself than here is one of best article they have.​

scar liang

Drone Age Media

drone age media

Drone Age Media provide its clients with high-quality and visually stunning footage through the utilizing of drone technology. Through the utilization of the latest custom-designed camera platforms and advanced electronic gyro-stabilization technology, it captures stunning aerial imagery from full 1080p up to 4k resolution.

Drone Insurance Depot

drone insurance depot

Drone Insurance Depot provide insurance and coverage for drone owners to help them with their drones. The have different option to cover your drone against unexpected accidents.

Quadcopter HQ

In order to provide consumers with direct access to reviews, information, and guides on quadcopters, the site started started in 2013. Quadcopterhq serves as a resource for the general public about the informations and reviews about drones product.

quadcopter HQ

FPV Blog

The FPV blog is created to help drone racing audience with news and information about first personal view (FPV) racing.

FPV blog

Dr. Drone

Dr. Drone

Considered as Canada’s first drone retail, repair and customization center located in the heart of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Dr. Drone focuses on providing premium customer service and skillful knowledge about drones so you can fly with confidence.

Unmanned Tech

Dedicated in providing affordable unmanned vehicle solutions, Unmanned Tech also specializes in providing low cost and flexible robotics products, which enable the users to quickly start with the site’s ready made solutions.

unmanned tech

Drone Examiner

Drone Examiner help drone consumers with all information needed to buy the right drone for them by providing reviews and information about large number of drones. 

drone examiner

Dronevibes Podcast

Dronevibes Podcast gives you tips, tricks, news, reviews, and interviews about some very interesting drones you need to know about through a weekly Podcast.

drone vibes podcast

The UAV Guide

With the target to provide practical and easy-to-digest informations, The UAV Guide helps you to quickly advance your knowledge and skills about this innovative technology, the unmanned aerial vehicle or drones.

The UAV guide



Tim Haynie, the Founder of Spectrabotics built the site with the objective to solve hard problems through the analysis and presentation of data in various ways that will make sense to everyone. Spectrabotics strives to deliver you the very best products backed by data.

Drone Squad

drone squad

Aside from bringing thousands of people together to fly drones for fun and competition, the Drone Squad also aims to connect drone pilots in every town and city worldwide to experience the joy of flying.

Amelia Dronehart

Amelia Dronehart is a worldwide community consisting of women RC pilots. That being said, the personal goal of the founder of the site is to inspire more young girls to pursue STEM/STEAM and Robotics programs through their presence.

Amelia dronehart

Drone Blocks

drone blocks

The DroneBlocks’ diverse team of educators, programmers, and pilots utilize unique yet exciting strategies to develop students about the ins and outs of drone operations. The curriculum of DroneBlocks also provides you with a full lesson plan that will take both you and your students from the fundamental to more advanced missions.

Drone Crates

Drone Crates supplies you with premium storage and transportation cases for today’s famous popular forms of drones, namely UAV, Multi-Rotors, and UAS. The Founder of the site, Kristopher Derentz, pledge to build you the best quality products possible that will fit your needs and will offer you an industry leading customer service.

drone creates

Drone Supremacy

drone supremacy

Mihail, who runs the site, is an enthusiastic drone lover who strives to provide relevant and up-to-date information about all types of drones and everything connected to it, and aims to mix his passion for drones and technology into a beautiful drone blog

Drone Registration

Drone Registration is a service provider of aviation labels and professional document preparation services that provides a simplified process to help its clients obtain a drone registration with the US Government and properly label drones and other radio controlled aircraft systems.

drone registeration


book a drone

Bookadrone connects thousands of buyers with safe and licensed commercial drone operators every year. Through Bookadrone, you’re in good terms when it comes in booking commercial drone operators in the UK.

Drone Doctor

Drone Doctor is a site that provides you with drone repair services. It is consists of engineers who’ve been spending many years in repairing all kinds of radio controlled aircraft such as quadcopters and multicopters.

drone doctor plus

Drone Look X

The Founder of the site, Kristian Kettner, is a colorgrader and as well as a drone videographer. He offers tips and secrets that will level up your drone skills.

drone look x

Focus by LTA

focus by lta

Focus by LTA is located in Austin, Texas. The site offers you with effective solutions for all things visual such as Video Productions, Editing, Broadcast Commercials, Drone Imagery, High End Photography, and 360° Virtual Tours/Google Street Views.

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best drone website

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