7 of The Best Brushless RC Car in The Market in 2018

Youngsters these days no longer engage or play with toys that are specifically made for each gender. Norm is not any more relevant as long as you get to enjoy stuff and satisfy one's hunger for excitement. There are many toys that can be enjoyed by girls even if specially made for boys.

For example, remote-controlled cars can also be played by girls and offer the same excitement as to that of the boys. And since technology has been upgraded, updates on RC cars are developed. RC cars are little machines that are powered by radio frequency and run a limited distance depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

To meet the standards of today’s economy and the demands of the young generations, brushless RC cars are manufactured. There are many types of RC cars but choosing the best brushless RC car is always the best option. This review can help eliminate and come up with the best solution for your worries in choosing the best type.

Review of Best Brushless RC Car in 2018

Vaterra 1969 Camaro SS Brushless - Best Vintage Brushless Car

Vaterra 1969 Camaro SS Brushless

Not all remote-controlled cars have the monster truck look; some of them are pretty ordinary just like an automobile. This type takes the form of a real licensed 1969 Camaro SS Body with the features of a real car. It has a dynamite 3300Kv Brushless Power System which surpasses all types in its class.

Collectors can take pride with this type as it can go over its specifications and manual. Its small built and height is perfect for collection and racing. Why? It is easy to maneuver and controlled as the built is an important factor to acceleration.

The sight and sound of this 1969 Camaro SS Body send chills to any car lovers especially the vintage car lovers. This one is built with more of intent rather than a remote controlled one. Like other types, this also has a waterproof system.

To consumers, its vintage look is already a plus coupled with Spektrum DX2E 2.4 GHz transmitters that come with batteries. Though this type is not made for racing or doesn’t go over 100mph, who would not want to drive around a miniature vintage type?


  • Waterproof Electronic system
  • Vintage Look
  • Dynamite 3300Kv Brushless Power System
  • Metal Shaft-Driven 4WD
  • Low Profile Tires on Large Diameter Wheels
  • Low Price Range


  • Limited stock for consumers to purchase
  • Can only run at 25 to 30 mph
ECX Torment 2WD RTR Brushless

While most car enthusiast or remote controlled car lovers prefer big built and heavy types, some choose a 7 to 8 pounder types. It is pretty much given that with today’s generation of machine production, the waterproof system is installed. This type comes with a miniature truck look with a pre-installed Dynamite Tazer 3300Kv 4-pole Brushless Motor.

This short stack RC car type since its release from the market is a real head turner. There are RC cars that can only run for few minutes and starts to heat up so a time out is needed, but with this car because of its specifications, running for more than 30 minutes is allowed.

The specifications include a patented AVC Equipped 2.4GHz waterproof receiver and Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz transmitter, ESC and battery come pre-wired with high-current EC3 connectors and Full metal gear transmission. To provide greater handling, oil filled shocks are adjustable.

Nylon composite chassis and its parts add to the durability, and the 2WD transmission with gear differential makes the truck more reliable and efficient to use. Per customer satisfaction, it provides automatic car compensation if it runs out of control.


  • Low price range
  • Waterproof Spektrum servo and electronics
  • Completely ready-to-run with everything needed in one box


  • Can’t drive around rocky and muddy paddles because of its light built
Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless

If you’re up for an excitement and ready to drive around the muddy pool of water, then this guy is your best buddy. Its factory installed waterproof engine system can drive, crash, swim wetlands without getting damage? Isn’t it fantastic that you don’t have to worry about getting it wet and muddy?

This RC car is built with TQi 2.4GHz Radio System which allows it to run for quite a few meters. You can drive, check around the neighborhood with this guy as your partner. The wheels are geared to withstand heavy road landscape. With that specification, it enables the car to accelerate faster to over 35 mph and depending on the type of batteries it can go over 65mph.

Though it is pricey, the excitement it offers to its players goes beyond that. According to some customers, when you buy the product a single gear box comes with it which allows you to change the gear ratio to low or high. It is also built with a high-power 2200Kv motor that your children will surely love as a present.


  • High-power 2200Kv motor
  • Waterproof electronic system
  • Quick acceleration mode up to 65mph
  • TQi 2.4GHz Radio System


  • Batteries sold separately
  • Replacement for each part are expensive

Team Losi XXX-SCT Brushless - Best Budget Brushless RC Car 

Team Losi XXX-SCT Brushless

This electric brushless RC car is engineered with a high-quality technology system that runs with a 2.4GHz receiver with 2.4GHz DSMR. It is never a bad idea to go with this one if you prefer a monster truck look with 27 pounds in weight. Most RC cars have different characteristics but are of the same nature which means all of them are specifically made to provide nothing but fun and excitement to its users.

When driving around RC cars, most drivers’ common enemy is nature itself, why? Rain, wind, mud, rocks and terrain landscapes, if all of these are encountered, then RC cars won’t survive, but this type goes along with nature with no problem.

With its built, running it at full speed of 30 to 45 mph in 20 to 25 minutes is very easy. Maneuvering it through the different landscape and learning how to control it needs no effort. Bumpers are made realistically with adjustable slipper clutch.

According to certified users, acceleration is good, durable and worthy of the price.


  • Low price range
  • Full-scale stimulated Short Course Truck Body
  • Powerful Dynamite® 3300Kv motor


  • Heavy weight car 

Traxxas E-Revo Brushless - Best Beginners Brushless RC Car

Traxxas E-Revo Brushless

This electric brushless RC car is manufactured with an integrated and scalable dual battery compartments. This RC car type is the standard for monster trucks and already making its name as a top superior handling machine with trailblazer dexterity. While every monster trucks dream of achieving a smooth progression, this guy has it all because of its high articulation engine system.

Do wonders when playing, drive to your heart’s content. This machine lets you experience what it’s like to be doing outdoor activities with fun and excitement all in one. This innovation is easier to control and engineered with perfect speed, power, and acceleration.

Its massive brushless power can go as much as 25.2 volts, and the water resistant system enables the player to make a full throttle. It is a race ready type according to customers, and it’s the fastest brushless RC. You would not go wrong when purchasing this one.


  • State-of-the-Art Integrated Chassis Design
  • Durable
  • Very Easy to Operate
  • 2.4GHz TQi radio controlled
  • Waterproof Castle Creations MXL-6s Brushless Motor System


  • High Price Range

Team Losi LST XXL2-E Truck - Best Brushless RC Truck

Team Losi LST XXL2-E Monster Truck

This beastly machine can drive around smooth and rocked landscapes because of its high scaled specifications. You can abuse this type of RC car anywhere, no matter what the driving condition is. It is engineered AVC Technology Dynamite 2200Kv Brushless Motor Dynamite 6S compatible ESC Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz radio system.

It is sturdy and very durable, and its driving condition is superb that you won’t have to tinkle and read the manual religiously. It is easy to control and very light so you can bring it anywhere you like. It can also run up to 60 plus mph and equipped with waterproof high-quality engines.

Driving without restraint and enjoying the product at most is one of the best things that happen when purchasing a product. Aside from that, the price is pretty much the same as the other types. It is one of the best RC brushless cars in the market.

When it comes to repairs, parts can be found anywhere in the state. Issues concerning it are never an option to RC cars enthusiast. The company manufacturing the product makes it possible for its users to upgrade and repair the machine at all times.


  • 2200Kv Brushless Motor
  • Waterproof electronics Highly durable 2.5mm aluminum chassis Wheelie bar
  • Equipped with a 6S compatible Dynamite ESC


  • Limited stocks in market
  • Too much usage can cause damage

Traxxas XO-1 Supercar - Best Brushless RC Car

Traxxas XO-1 Supercar - Best Brushless RC Car

Wouldn’t it be much better to purchase the best RC brushless car in the market directly without sifting through every electronic RC car out there? This RC car is a head turner and probably tops the list of RC car. The car is built with the largest brushless motor any RC car can have; it can run even for up to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

How amazing can it be? To add to that, it can amplify its speed and distance covered to over 100 mph with powered with 25.2 extreme ESC. Engineers also designed it with telemetry sensors that detect pressure, temperature and humidity. Its wheels are shaft-drive and reinforced with steel gear differentials.

Its outside features are way too different from other RC cars as it looks like an auto type, not the monster type. Its body is smoothly engineered to provide a high-speed power and downforce which makes it the fastest brushless RC car.

The sleek feature of the car is the envy to many RC cars in the market, and its flashy red paint is as dashing. To customers, it is everything it says, and it's supposed to be.


  • Shaft-driven all-wheel drive with reinforced steel gear differentials
  • TQi 2.4GHz Radio
  • Bold ProGraphix painted bodies aerodynamically styled
  • Fastest Ready to run RC Car in the world with speed over 100 MPH


  • Because of high speed it can broke with high speed accident 
  • High Price Range

Major differences between brushed and brushless motor

There are several key differences between a brushed and brushless motor. Knowing the differences between the two will help to make you a more informed buyer when you decide you want to purchase a remote controlled vehicle.

Different RC vehicles all have different engine variations. With each unique variation comes a host of concerns like maintenance, efficiency, handling, maneuverability, repair parts, storage issues, modification opportunities, etc. Knowing the key differences between brushed vs brushless motors is imperative to make sure that you have a good experience with your RC devices.

Concerns with a Brushed MotorConcerns with a Brushless MotorBrushed MotorAdvantagesDisadvantagesBrushless MotorAdvantagesDisadvantages

The Similarities of Both Motors

The similarities between both motors are that they both have motor windings that create an electromagnetic field between coils. This electromagnetic field then rotates the shaft causing energy to transfer from one set of windings to the other rotating the motor shaft to rotate continuously.

How a Brushed Motor Works

Brushed Motor diagram

Brus hed motors have windings that are fixed around a central shaft. This central shaft is located inside the motor case and spins with the shaft when the electrical current is applied. There are two magnets within the motor can that are fixed to the inside that does not move.

Power is pushed to the motor windings by the two brushes both positive and negative, that then push against the commutator affixed to the central shaft.

In other words, when the coil is powered the magnetic field that is generated is pushed away from the left magnet and goes to the right which rotates the armature repeatedly.

From there, the friction that is created between the brushes and the commutator is the reasoning behind how the motor is not very efficient when compared to a brushless motor.

Any RC owner who has previously purchased a ready to run electric car in the past has most likely used a brushed motor. Brushed motors are much more affordable and come with some of the most entry level to mid-range car kits available.

Brushed motors are one of the earliest miniature motors that were available, as they came onto the scene back in the mid-1800s and is still used to this day.

Brushed motors typically have a 75 – 80% efficiency percentage.

Concerns with a Brushed Motor

Because there is friction between the brushes and the commutator as mentioned, their motor tends to be less efficient because both the brushes and commutator will wear out eventually.

As a result of this, brushed motors that are more powerful will wear out quicker because they have more revolutions than a weaker one.

How a Brushless Motor Works

brushless motor digram

A brushless motor works differently than a brushed motor does. There are several components that make it especially unique and an interesting consideration nonetheless.

To start out, a brushless motor does not require a commutator, which is why brushless motor popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. Because there is no physical commutator, there is almost no maintenance required due to the fact that the bearings inside will last a very long time. Much longer than the brushed motor works, that’s for sure.

RC buyers will find that brushless motors are found in the most premium options available in the marketplace today, as they are often used for more serious racers and hobbyists.

Brushless motors came to be in the 1960s but didn’t really have a large following until the early 2000s where they began to be a mainstay in production lines.

Brushless motors typically have an 85 – 90% efficiency percentage, which is greater than brushed motors by 5 – 15% at a minimum.

Concerns with a Brushless Motor

As mentioned above, brushless motors are much more expensive and can be too expensive for hobbyists or RC collectors looking to get a more powerful engine. The higher price does come with a better performing system that doesn’t require as much maintenance in the long run.

Advantages vs Disadvantages for Both Motors

So now that you understand how the brushed and brushless motors work, there are several advantages and disadvantages for both. An informed buyer needs to know both the advantages and disadvantages, so the total cost of ownership can be calculated for the RC device they plan on purchasing. The charts below help to break down some of the advantages and disadvantages for each:

Brushed Motor


  • Very Inexpensive When Compared To Brushless
  • Simple Wiring
  • Easy Maintenance Due To Lack of Complexity
  • Sometimes Rebuildable Parts Available For Engine


  • Brushes and Commutator Happen To Wear Out
  • Not Very Efficient (75 – 80%)
  • More Power Wasted
  • Additional Heat Loss
  • Additional Friction
  • Shorter Run Times
  • Shorter Time To Enjoy RC

Brushless Motor



  • More Expensive
  • Complicated Brushless ESC is Required To Power

As you can see from the chart, for a brushed motor the advantages vs disadvantages are almost one to one. Meaning that for every advantage, there is a significant disadvantage that comes along with it.

For the brushless motor, the same comparable ratio cannot be made, as the motor consists of way more advantages over disadvantages and comes with a much larger price tag to get that ratio.

Which is Better Brushed vs Brushless Motor

To determine which is better between brushed vs brushless motors, it all comes down to a few factors including user preference. From a technical and engineering standpoint, there is no question that brushless motors perform much better than brushed motors.

RC Car Body

The true question is whether or not which one is better for different user preferences and experience levels. Remote Controlled vehicle enthusiasts who are just starting out, or are beginning to get involved with RC vehicles should go with a brushed motor.

Brushed motors will give beginners the opportunity to learn all there is about their first initial purchase without having too much power or complexity to scare them away because they struggle to control the vehicle.

Brushless motors that come from manufacturers already have a built in stigma that those who are going to purchase the most expensive option have already dabbled in RC vehicles in the past. This means that they have done their own maintenance before, driven for an extended period of time, know the exact differences between the engines and how those differences are going to affect handling, etc.

Beginners want to do one thing, have fun without having to worry about extra things that might take time away from them doing what makes this hobby great. Brushless motorized RC vehicles come with many more complexities than a beginner should have to worry about like few stabilizing and support features, or a more rigorous care program.

Along with the power concerns and stability issues, a potential buyer has to consider, the next thing that should be considered between which is better is the usage pattern. Beginners can pick up a brushless motor as long as they plan on using negotiable terrain.

What this means is, if a new RC enthusiast wishes to take out a brushless motor with the extra power to a terrain they are unfamiliar with, the RC can get away from them and cause extensive damage that only adds to a headache. While experienced RC hobbyists with brushless motor experience won’t have a problem in this regard, it is something beginners need to absolutely be aware of.

At the end of the day, brushless motors will beat out a brushed motor from an engineering and hardware standpoint. But for beginners, a brushed motor is the definitive way to go until they are comfortable enough to upgrade in the future.

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Advantages in Purchasing a Brushless Remote Controlled Cars

All work and no play makes a person dull is an important reminder that even at an old age, a person must engage in activities that can make him happy and filled with excitement. It is never too late to indulge in things that can make you happy even if it’s childish or a bit lavish.

Remote controlled car is a lavish hobby not anyone can have. For the enthusiast, spending money in this form is not a mistake.

Here are some reasons why buying a brushless remote controlled car is advantageous:

  • Going extreme for fun is not complete without remote controlled cars
  • Low or no maintenance needed
  • Generates lesser noise than brushed cars because it does not have an exhaust
  • Much sturdy and durable
  • Heat dissipation is much better than brushed cars
  • More upgraded than brushed features
  • Brand new types are very affordable and worth it
  • Its simple mechanism is an advantage to beginners
  • Speed and precision wise, it’s much better than nitro powered RC cars

Special Considerations in Buying Brushless RC Cars

  • Most brushless RC cars start from $300 as the cheapest and go up on price to $1000+
  • Youngsters are the best customers for this type of toy as the can enjoy it the most than adults
  • One must also consider the type of landscape or neighborhood you should drive it on
  • There are many types of RC cars, some takes the form of vintage cars and some looks like monster trucks, know which one you prefer
  • Make sure what you purchase is within your budget and liking
  • Since there are many brands of RC cars, navigate for the best brand
  • Carefully know what features you want so you can decide what model and type to purchase.
  • When buying something, knowledge is an important factor to consider. One must know how to do this and that because there are times manuals don’t make any sense


In this review, after thorough research and information gathering, theTraxxas XO-1 tops the list as the most eligible and in demand RC car in the market. For racer types, these suits them most since it can go beyond a hundred mph in less than 5 seconds.

Choosing the best brushless RC car takes time and effort from the user. The machine itself is very expensive, so you need to get the most of it. Remote controlled cars are very effective time and boredom killer.

Its users would not feel any boredom when playing one. It is already amazing to have a miniature type of automobile, how much more if you can drive it around your neighborhood. Your buddies or neighbors will surely envy you if you own one.

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